Suggestion to Solve Stalemate Problem in Solo Mist

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    • Suggestion to Solve Stalemate Problem in Solo Mist

      A circle of area around chest/spider/core in which players cannot be mounted.

      The radius has to be large enough, I say 2 screens.
      If you enter, you get automatically dismounted and cannot mount back up in the area.

      if a player wants to check if there is an opportunity to rat, they have to risk their life for it, instead of staying safely mounted and preventing anybody from doing anything.

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    • add ip cap to have access to mist 1300-1400 ip is flat 7 200-300k gear.

      at this point rat hunting will be "profitable" the meta will fix itself, for now there is no point in ganking rats 800 ip worth 30k, you lose 10-15min or more and get nothing from it, gathering t2 stone is better money than that.

      there must be risk = reward for now rats don't risk anything and get rewarded just for being there afk on mount.