Skill "Force Field" Knock back issue with all cloth helmets since launch of mists

    • Skill "Force Field" Knock back issue with all cloth helmets since launch of mists

      Skill "Force Field" Knock back issue with all cloth helmets since launch of mists.

      Most of the time the knock back distance is only 1-2 meters but is labeled for 12 meters. Before mists I never had an issue and it worked as intended. Since mists the knock back on players is messed up. It seems to work fine vs mounts though. It seemed to start when I unlocked the new cloth helmet artifact tree. I have 120 in all cloth helmets including the new artifact. The issue happens almost 50% of the time now and never once had an issue before the patch.

      Please investigate. What other information do you need me to provide?

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    • After further testing the issue appears to be when you have used other forms of knock ups in the last 9 seconds. The time between knock up and knock back from Force Field (all cloth helmets) is affected all the way up to 9 seconds, with anything less then 5 seconds barely knocking them back at all effectively making "Force Field" on all cloth helmets useless

      I only tested a few weapons that had knock ups and this is what I found:

      Nature - Works as intended
      Hammers - Works as intended

      1 Handed Spear - E - Reckless Charge ---- BUGGED and Force Field does not work

      Holy staffs - W - Sacred Pulse ----- BUGGED (doesnt seem as bad as other weapons tho?)

      SoulSycthe - W Rising Blow ----- BUGGED and Force Field does not work.
      E Tornado ------ BUGGED and Force Field does not work.

      I did not test all weapons in the game but I hope this is a start to solving this problem that showed up on Mists update.

      I want to point out its only bugged vs players, vs mounts everything works as intended.
      Also there was no issues before the mists update and everything worked fine.
    • Hey there,

      please have a look at the patchnotes for "Beyond the Veil":

      Diminishing Returns
      Diminishing Returns have been reworked for knockbacks and knocking
      enemies into the air, to prevent players being stun-locked by repeated
      • Knocking enemies into the air is now affected by Diminishing Returns
      • Knocking enemies into the air now counts as knockback for DR, with individual adjustments applied to various abilities
      • Knockback DR Factor: 0.04 → 0.08
      • Knockback DR Time: 15s → 10s

      These violent delights have violent ends...
    • So why does it punish some knock backs worse then others and doesnt effect some weapon knock ups at all?

      Also why does a 0.6 second knock up from the spear totally ruin the knock back from the helmet making it useless for up to 9 seconds?

      Also Also why does it work fine vs mounts but not players?

      Furthermore why are negative returns being placed on single players? I understand maybe a little on the weapons that can actually perma stun you but to make a knock back skill on cloth helmet useless for so long because you knocked someone in the air for 0.6 seconds is ridiculous.

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