Solo "static" dungeons still belong in roads

    • Solo "static" dungeons still belong in roads


      Makes no sense for open world to be "for everyone but blobs feel better" and every other content being just instanced (HGs/corrupted/arenas/mists). Why can't roads have a bit of everything for different sizes "but big groups feel better"? Don't force the "instanced" mentality on players in roads too, roads should still feel open world-ish. Gathering as a solo already feels fine in roads, why can't there be some solo 600% dungeons here and there? There were some great zones with 3-4 solo dungeons like Puros-ofavam which were a great constant source of pvp. Sure it won't be as reliable as you can't have secondary characters there anymore but solo diving happened way more often than diving group dungeons.
    • Just put the things back in the roads or make hardcore solo maps that stay open like the old ones did and have the loot tables like in the roads. Bring back risk vs reward... Revamping old content to these devs = gut it to the bone.
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