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    • Spears W Reflect

      If youre going to start bringing OP weapon W's up to 18 second cooldowns, wheres the spear trees 10 second 100% OP reflect cooldown increase? Remains to be one of the more over powered low cooldown abilities in the game. Bring it to 15-18 seconds like all the others are moving towards.

      It basically can reflect every single opponents other W by 5-8 seconds to spare.

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    • To be fair sbi is doing a lot to reflect not being valuable, they changed 1h xbow e to not be reflectable, same for 1h curse and such. Reflect on spears:
      1. is easily interruptable (especially with current cc meta);
      2. it is a channel so you are unable to cast any other abilities during that time;
      3. it has already been nerfed (probably unintentionally) by wrong merc jacket interactions:

      Amoebius76 wrote:

      Not really what you asked for, but so far all of these spells will be investigated by us.
      List is compiled from the OP and other spells I've found that maybe should work with Bloodlust, but don't.

      Spell list:


      Retaliate (Hunter Hood)

      Deflecting Spin (Spears)

      Parry (Swords)
      (still not fixed btw, happy 1yr anniversary lol)
      4. additionally you are slowed during channel duration;
      5. Reflect doesn't stack with dmg buffs on gear as this has been fixed long time ago;

      Honestly if any W is OP on spears it would be dmg on impaler, but I think spear w's are one of the better balanced abilities in this game.