If Hideouts are going to require Power Cores to upkeep there needs to be a reliable way to generate them.

    • If Hideouts are going to require Power Cores to upkeep there needs to be a reliable way to generate them.

      Now that Hideouts REQUIRE Power Cores to maintain them, there needs to be a reliable way to generate power cores in game.

      My suggestion is this.

      First, allow the Power Cores to be moved into and out of the Roads and Black Zones using the same channel timer that it takes to turn them in at a Hideout to do so.
      This allows for team tactics and reduces the segregation of the Roads of Avalon and Black Zones.
      Allowing for more PvP scenarios based around cores in and around the Roads, and their portals.

      Either dissipate them if someone takes them out to the Royal Continent, rewarding might to any individuals in the party that do so.

      OR allow them to be turned in at any faction outpost that the player is enlisted in, for Faction Points.

      This allows for people without a guild presence in the area to be able to benefit from them as well.

      Second, introduce a new Power Core, a white 'Common' Power Core.
      Adjust the amount of Might and Power that they give as follows.


      Along with readjusting how much power each core is worth when deposited,
      Each Power Core level should have a detection range when carried or when found in a zone.

      Having Power Cores visible from Zones away vastly reduces the game-play factor that comes from discovering them and scouting them out.

      If you can see one from 2 zones away you don't need to worry about information sharing, making players who enjoy scouting out things less useful.

      I may have to do some pixel measurements for Zone size and readjust this later.

      I figure 'Name-tag' range (the point where a players Name-tag appears on your screen) is a good starting point.
      As I am unaware how far it is in in-game meters, I will use it as its own unit.


      Third, since the Power Cores are Avalonian technology, in addition to dropping silver and loot Avalonian Elevated Mobs (Ring Bosses, and Star Bosses) they should drop power cores.
      Also have the regular mobs have a low chance to drop them as well. increasing the chance with each 'level-up'. Up to a gaurenteed chance when they reach boss status.
      It would be cool to see them float up as an animation and once they dissipate, a power core drops out.

      These Power Cores would drop unlocked.

      Each Type should have a drop rate in accordance with the Tier of Mob that drops them.

      Mob Level
      Ring BossT4T5T6T7T8
      Star BossT4T5T6T7T8

      Star Bosses would never drop lower than a Uncommon Power Core.

      This incentivizes going and fighting reworked chest areas, and Elevated Mobs in the zones.
      It also make PvP encounters in the Roads far more rewarding.
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