Mists update is a compilation of bad game design choices

    • Mists update is a compilation of bad game design choices

      After spending x amount of hours in the Mists zones it has become obvious that there is no reason to be there. Where are the rewards? There is literally nothing in there. The camps that are an 'objective' to give you something to do, require you to kill mobs worth x amount of fame.. while being worth HALF as much fame as mobs outside the camp..? It doesn't get much more troll-y than that... or you would hope. Tier 5 flat resource treasures? Is this SBI's out-of-season April fool's joke? Holy shit. "Hey guys, lets change the bank UI and move the buttons around lol."

      What the fuck is this? A cluster of new zones with almost no content and even then it's not content worth risking anything for - spending time in the yellow zone is more worthwhile.

      What really sucks the most though, is that I was hyped about this update. I was ready to spend time playing in a zone focused on solo/duo content. But it turned out to be literally nothing.

      All the while upping subscription prices and pumping more crap into the vanity store.

      All SBI is missing now is a sexual harassment lawsuit and you'll be right there with Blizzard.
    • Wellcome to todays albion. Where you have the mount next to you while farming any objective and can mount up immedietly. Making objectives easy to farm. Which causes objective to be designed to not give too big of a reward.

      Everyone is safe farming but everyone gets mediocre rewards for it. The game is turning into a new player friendly game because new players bring the most $$ to SBI. For experienced players it ends up being a heavy grind fest.
    • I have a feeling that all these takes come from CD players who have never played open world. go to outlands to any T8 zone you will be zerg down by 95743895743897543 ppl 48543895437 hideouts 4587438543 invis pot gankers

      I've earned close to 150m since the start of the update, how the fuck can any of you say the update is not satisfying? Maybe the problem is with the players because theres no broken mechanics and a stable meta to abuse? HUH

      best update so far, still needs some balance around mounts, but so far it's dope.

      " it's like t5 bloodletter who runs on a mount for 3h because he's too scared to fight someone then says SHIT GAME NO REWARDS".