How to get back to royal continent from Brecilien?

    • How to get back to royal continent from Brecilien?


      Took my tier 8 gathering gear and mount to gather some in the Mists YZ. Found the portal to Brecilien and went in to check it out. Now I cant get back to YZ anymore. Took my chances with the roads but running around in T8 gathering gear/mount is like a big come and kill me sign. People chased me through multiple zones. Any idea how to get back to safety?
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      I experienced this problem yesterday. I had ~20M in gear and ~4M in cargo.

      The good news is that if you manage to escape by using the one-way roads exit you will probably have one of your most euphoric moments in Albion.

      The bad news is that you might lose all your stuff and ragequit.

      I was lucky and managed to escape. I'd choose a time when there are fewer people online. I didn't find a blue zone exit from the roads but I found an exit 2 zones from Martlock portal. Maybe you'll be luckier. Or maybe you'll be unlucky.

      I think the 'go through dozens or hundreds of mists hoping to find a blue/yellow zone exit' advice is poor. Whether the author is giving that advice in good faith or not is questionable.
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      Piraterer wrote:

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      Piraterer wrote:

      Its easy. Go to non lethal mist, look for unstable roads, find an unstable road to yellow, blue or redzone.
      have you proven this method?
      I found one to yellow Zone and Blackzone yesterday.
      you make no sense, if your in non lethal zone you dont get portals to lethal, my question is did you find a portal to a yellow or blue zone being in the non lethal mists? because ive tried for 2 hours and all i found were portals back to Bracilien
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      In a yellow zone yesterday with a full set of Gucci 8.3, 8.3 masterpiece weapon and a 20million silver mount, just battling with Thetford to no great ends except a little friendly rivalry over the zone, was fun.... 'OOOOH' a rare wisp pops up and I decide on the spur of the moment to enter, and whilst inside my reputation pops to 50k, as I had been farming a little over the last few days. 'Ill pop to Brecillian' I think to myself, and promptly find a portal that opens and voila I'm there with 50 million worth of gear... and nothing much in change in my bags.

      Hours later, and trying to find a way out.... I roll the dice, after trying the aforementioned method for an hour or two and finding nothing but return tickets to Brecillian. So into the Roads I go... and sure enough, nothing but Black zone entrance and exits, an hour of tense anticipation and dodgy suspense ridden chase scenes later I manage to find an exit 2 zones from the Fort Sterling Portal back to the Royal continent. Somehow I avoid a pack of hideout ganking 5.2 plonkers zone camping, and manage to enter the final zone.

      The relief at arriving back in Fort Sterling intact was palpable!!!

      Lesson learned... do not take anything from your home city, when mist hunting, into Brecilian that you aren't willing to lose on the way back. Or just stay there... hoping on a cloud, living in the mists of your mind, forever! :P