"Beyond the Veil" update. First glance feedback.

    • BigLipsMcGee wrote:

      Abolish Yellow Zone Mists - Maybe I'm missing something but I have no idea what purpose these serve. They don't do anything helpful for the game.
      It's to make stuffs available in Brecilien market for the residents there. The randomness of the city location make it hard to transport stuffs into Brecilien.

      Even with the non lethal zones, it's still harder to transport to Brecilien than to Rest Town atm. Consequently, many of the unpopular items are sold 2-3 times theirs normal price in there, or you can't even find one to buy at all. Without the yellow mist, it's impossible to live in Brecilien with a dysfunctional market.
      Solo/duo player. Potions & food crafter. Transporters.
    • The Mists (★)
      I'm a big fan of the new art assets - the zones look great, I love that you're expanding the soundtrack, and the whimsical noises of the wisps fit the theme perfectly. With that said, the gameplay is incredibly disappointing. Fame, might, and reputation are not tuned properly. POIs are limited and lacking in diversity, especially for an update that was in development for as long as this was. The gameplay loop and the zones themselves don't offer me anything new mechanically. Players have already devolved into rat metas - my most recent experiences in the Mists have been instances full of players in miner's boots trying to steal the tumultuous mist spawn from each other.

      Overall I don't feel like the new content offers me anything that I can't find elsewhere, and the only reason for me to do it is to farm reputation for a vendor that doesn't exist yet, or try my luck at getting an artifact for a piece of equipment that has incredibly niche applications. While hotfixes may make the content more palatable, I can't see how this content will stay healthy into the future when the novelty wears off for casual players and hardcore players have reached their reputation goals.

      The Roads (★)
      One of my personal favorites in Albion Online has always been the Avalonian Roads, which have been completely forgotten in recent patches that address discrepancies in fame and loot in all other areas of the game. Somehow, the Roads are even more dead than before the patch. POIs aren't appearing, overall fame is lower because of low spawn rates, groups are struggling to energize their hideouts, and most of the raid zone content has been homogenized into giant laser beam clusterf%!#s. All that needed to be done to the Roads was to bring their fame and loot rewards in line with those found in the open world. Why was that so hard?

      Other (★)
      Why have so many confusing changes to the UI been made recently? Between the stack and sort buttons last patch and now the bank tab and loadout reorganization, I'm starting to question if your UX designer is off their meds. None of these changes are more intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, or reduce my time spent in menus.

      I can't help but wonder if Brecilien is short sighted. I see the Mists as niche content long term, the Roads are liable to perish again if they're ignored in future balance updates, and the only way I see to make the Fey City relevant is to force players into the zone by putting special vendors there, which doesn't sound pleasant. There's a lot of development time and manhours put into content that ultimate detracts from the overworld, and that's very confusing considering Albion Online is an open world sandbox.

      The addition of .4 enchantments has so far had no impact on my gameplay at all. I'm not sure how this might change as it becomes more available, but I do wonder why it was necessary or how it plays into the vision for gear overall.

      Why in the world can you enter Brecilien through non-lethal zones? Caerleon feels more end game than the Fey City, and it's supposed to be deep in the middle of a black zone.

      Further Comments
      It is my personal opinion that SBI should be focused on refining existing game systems with a center on the overworld rather than creating new ones and instancing more content. Add new POIs for faction warfare and bandits in the royals. Create dynamic world events that bring us together in the overworld. Expand dungeons to have branching pathways, puzzles, and traps to satisfy PvE players and create more opportunities for dungeon diving. Expand raid mechanics to match games made in the 21st century and provide an actual viable end game fame farming option. There's so much fun to be had in the zones you've already created, you just need to continue to add content to them. The current development process feels like new content is abandoned as soon as it's released.

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    • In terms of fog everything is perfect, the thing is in Avalonian roads, they are worse than ever, my colleagues (5-6 members) have been dedicated to making roads for 2 years, with this update we have been bored like never before, there are no people with whom to make PVP content, all the chests are always clean, the few chests that appear on the map have extremely little loot, the few chests that there are with BOSS are very easy to do and without dynamics, I don't understand why they removed the golden chests with Avalonian bosses, that forced you to have a composition with your group, personally it was much better before roads.
    • I don't understand why the mist mobs sometimes give about 60% less fame. I thought it was just for objective mobs like freeing wisps or camps, but it applies to mobs outside those too. And sometimes the objective mobs give full fame.

      Also it's weird how there's no system to keep low IP and high IP players in different zones, and the quality of zones is just how many mists you encounter.
    • PvP is really scufffed in the mists. At first, I was excited because of the solo gameplay; However, it's a ugly battle royal with rats or less committed players 3rd partying a fight and taking advantage of low hp player. Also, rat players using their mount to prevent escape as you're trying to run. They ride on top of you, so you are forced to hit into them and they get fresh cooldowns. On top of that, you got rat players who dismount last second to kill steal, or steal loot. This is very ugly content. I think fighting is pointless, which will lead to players avoiding fights or denying content

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    • I've had several times where I was in a 1v1 and one or more players just watch on their mount. Then they dismount right at the end of the fight when you have 10% health and zero cooldowns. You don't have many options there.
      Option 1: You immediately mount up and try to run. No time to loot. 3 seconds to mount. That's 2 seconds to try to get away (if they dismount right after the 1v1 ends you will only get the 5 sec cooldown not the 10 sec one). If you have a dot on you from the fight you're just SOL.
      Option 2: You try to kill this new target in 5 seconds with no cooldowns and 10% health. None of these options give you any time to loot. It's unlikely that you get away in this situation.
      The protected loot doesn't work because if you do get away and try to come back for it they now can sit on the body dismounted and you have to come engage them to get the loot. If they have 300ip on you then they just get the loot from your kill. It's the T-Rex just showing up with high IP and claiming the kill.

      Here are a couple options that could make it better. Put people with similar IP in the same mists. Then they can't just bully people out of the loot. And/or add a mechanism that makes you invulnerable for a short time after leaving PvP combat. Maybe a small bubble around the body that protects you while you loot and mount up. Or an invulnerability to PvP for a short time after you kill someone and you are not already engaged in combat with another player. Currently the system encourages people to not fight unless they are the 3rd person in. So many times people run around looking at each other and not engaging in PvP. But as soon as they see you fighting and getting low everyone starts dismounting to try to rat. I think other black zone areas this behavior happens very less frequently because there is more risk. Friends of that player could show up. Groups of players could show up. In Mists you know that if anyone else shows up they won't be with either of the ones in combat anyway.
    • SuperHard88 wrote:

      about the solo mist, is that possible to give me a bubble after I kill someone? At least bubble time should let me be able to mount up. !0 sec dismount rule doesnt help too much, u still have very high chance be killed after a fight with other ppl.
      Go to corrupted dungeons if you scared about death in open world. Open world is not about honest PvP.
    • The pros: The last few patches have made mists kind of (?) worth doing? The arcane spiderlings can be good.

      The negatives:
      (1) Arcane spiderlings should be loot locked to whoever did the most damage to them. The way they are set up now just encourages people just hanging around waiting to rat loot once it dies. If that is the gameplay that was intended then ok. It just feels like it was a mistake?
      (2) Gathering is still extremely underwhelming. To the point I stopped bringing T8 tools. From a cost-perspective, it just doesn't feel worth it for what feels like the 1/100 chance to find a t8 mist, and if you do, hardly anything is ever enchanted, so you'd be safe bring t7 tools, and there will be like 10 other gatherers so you'll leave with 20 t8 ore. Hardly worth risking 150k per tool.
      (2.1) Enchant rate: The enchant rate feels horrible in the mists. Even in epic or legendary mists it feels underwhelming. I understand that gathering is low risk in the mists, but maybe consider doing more of those "map visible" large nodes with x.2 or x.3 materials. So the risk will be real and at least there will be something to gather.
    • I think that the reward for mists is overbuffed.

      Chests usually have a good reward.
      Orbs give an insane amount of might and favor points. I bought about 25 chests for 5500 this weekend.

      Who decided the spider bounty in mists should be greater than the bounty in OW?
      The bounty for spiders is crazy right now. Yesterday I received 6.4 items from the spider + 2 million lot (the cost of the item was missing and not taken into account).
      In one minute...

      I would increase the reward for clearing the camp a little.
      hellfire hands enjoyer
      700/700 daggers
      500/700 nature

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    • I found my first legendary The Mists wisp. I'm not quite sure what's so legendary about it other than that it was a legendary waste of time...Why is this legendary a T6? Why is a legendary T6 the same as a common T6?!? I saw 2 other ppl in this "legendary" zone who were quick to just leave the place lol....This update is such a joke....
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    • This is probably the worst update Albion has had in a long while. So much hype and even more Let down.
      The mists are a Rat cage, The Ava roads are worse than ever and enchantment 4 and equipment just to put an ever further divide between the end game guilds who wall off content and the aspiring player that wants to have some casual fun.

      You have kept the hand holds alive and stronger than ever and forced people into joining them to progress.
      I hope they have something to fix this update soon, its hard to motivate myself to even log in right now :(
    • Comments:
      "Beyond the Veil" is an absolute failure. Boring and Stale. SBI is killing the fun part instead.


      - We already have 1v1,2V2,5V5,10V110 corrupted dungeon, what's the point to make Mist again in 1v1 or 2v2. Since a few friends play the game together as a small group,(black zone already contains large groups and guilds, Avalon road has 6 people group.) maybe it's time for SBI to rethink and learn some good ideas from the most popular games such as LOL, PUBG & Apex, etc. these days, to make 3 or 4 max people as a group to fight in the Mist.
      - when someone kills someone, maybe the killer/team can get XX% HP & Mana buff and skill CD refresh faster.
      - Healer is too important for a team in this game, so let's make healer less and less effective in healing in the mist as time goes by, so it can bring more vocation and more playable weapons for those teams w/o a healer.

      Road of Avalon:
      - Blue dungeon is useless, no team is farming it. I saw T8/T6 blue dungeon with purple/gold butterflies all the time. If no one plays it, then why we keep it? So Pls change the blue dungeon to the green dungeon and increase the value of the green dungeon to attract small team to farm and attract small groups to fight in the green dungeon.
    • Found my 3rd legendary (1st greater mist one) and again completely let down... I was in a T7 zone and the mist was T6 and empty AF with hardly anything enchanted too... If I'm in a T7 zone and I get a legendary wisp....it should be expected that it's at least a T7!!! Drastically increase the spawn enhancement and rates in these pathetic zones....

      So we get a Yuletide event IG, but my religion's holiday of All You Can Eat Pasta Friday's isn't allowed? All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Our Lord and Savior of all you can eat!
    • Gubit wrote:

      Spiders are good but not THAT good. I usually see 300-500k per spider. I've done about 10 so far. Maybe other people have different results?
      Honestly, for a solo spider, I think that's a fair amount of silver.
      So we get a Yuletide event IG, but my religion's holiday of All You Can Eat Pasta Friday's isn't allowed? All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Our Lord and Savior of all you can eat!