Pinned "Beyond the Veil" update. First glance feedback.

    • worst update ever,roads of avalon full of rat stealing chests,mist full
      of rats trying to steal loot from kills and mist looks like an hg but
      with nodes t4 and t5 hahaha its a fucking joke no one will play this
      shit of content in 2 days ppl will come to corrupted shit dungens and
      blackzone its a joke if u are a small clan,ok i cant fight for nodes .4
      but u already fucked all the content i want to do with my mates(road
      pvps now its imposible only ppl going in full rat gear and all chest

      U sbi fucked the game in one fucking patch,people like me and much
      others like to play small scales but now we have no content or content
      without any reward

      Take back the old chest from ava,ava roads were supposed to be high end
      game and place to avoid zergs from bz and find some good and equal pvp
      but now its only ppl looking to rat chets mor empty like before
      Nerf more heals in mist its actually a 2v2 hg its fucking boring if u
      want to do somethign u have to take heal and dps,its tthat what u
      planned in 6 months?
      Give the ppl real reward from mist,we take like 4 legendaries mist and u
      know what reward we have?t6 stone and some silver from mobs
    • Please revert the updated search bars both for market and travel planners.
      Now i can't find half of my islands that are favorited and other random islands pops up if i don't perfectly capitalize and the market one is the most annoying one.

      For example, if you use the buy order tab (to quickly have all possible items listed instead of just the cheapest ones) and you type wolf, you only see the t5 fish. You don't see the Caerleon greywolf nor the t6 wolf mounts. but those are what people most probably look for when typing that type of keyword. It just doesn't work at all basically now if i compare to the pre patch experience.
    • Roads: Spawn timers on cores, bosses, spiders are really bad...The roads overall just feel more bland then ever. Destroying solo static dungeons in them was a huge mistake. You could have at least morphed these into 5 man group dungeons instead to fit with the new theme of the roads. I thought the roads were receiving a visual update to reflect the mists? Why do they still look the same?

      Gathering: I like the addition of more elite mob spawns but you have all this empty space in the gathering hot spots which makes no sense at all. With Lands Update you took out the big spawns and never replaced these with smaller ones. I thought this update would utilize the area more but it's still the same barren. I've never seen a treasure spawn yet in the roads either.

      Mists: I Spent 2 hours and all I got were T6 zones with barely any gathering nodes and a bunch of bow-wielding players with the odd bear paws/bloodletter.s I finally got an uncommon T7 portal and all the nodes were basically gone. These mists are just boring besides the potential small scale fights you get into (which can be fun).

      Gathering gear revamp was also promised (months ago) but then just taken off the whiteboard for some reason. It's pretty disappointing especially since you added an entirely new (and currently unattainable) Fey armor...

      I currently rate this update a score of: 4/ 10 - Please do better, we know you can...this should have been on test center weeks earlier...
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    • Hey hello ,

      Never posted on forum , but for this update i need to post my pov ,

      Like i was so hype for the update , but the mist are awfull ,

      NO content , unable to find bosses after and before today maintenance , even worst almost unable to find even a decent rarity mist in BZ , only was able to find a rare and a legendary in YZ , rats rats and rats is a major problem too but its how the game work in the current meta , glove bow are just op , 2v2 dont have better loot too , pretty much useless to do them , im at 500k standing and no use of them but keep grinding them in case .

      So far with my 10 hour of mist today , its like running , gathering some 1 tick ressources , farm standing , and repeat .

      Unable to find a single artifact , my mates could not find one in bz too ! Only 2 of my alliance member found 1 boss each but in Yellow zone ! AND guesss what , they did drop 8 and 11 artifact ! wtf is that ? :thumbsup: (a little bit salty here ) ! with like 40 ppl in mist we could not find one in black zone ^^'

      So if i have any idea ?

      . Yes spawn more boss , like lot more but with low drop rate of artifact , 50% chance to get 1 , 25 % to get 2 and like 10% to get 3
      . Only upgrade tier when u switch from mist to mist , go from a T8 to a T6 is awfull when u take 10 mist before having a good one
      . Use of standing ?
      . Nerf mounts ! following ppl with crappy gear and jump on them when u got the good timing because it cost too much to dismount you is so unfair , trying both Pov and its awfull X/
      . Make bosses super rare in YZ !

      In the end , good concept , was great in test server , would love to roam even more in mist but clearly need better reward ! was super hyped but now feel like imma need to wait for mist to get buff until i go back in !
    • PVE: HCE get extremly harder, and also much more repair fee after global discount end.
      PVP:Ava Road should have their own debuff system like black zone, me and my friend gear all 8.3 gear, 6 ppl in ava road, and another team have more than 15+ ppl, how can we win? Debuff should start from 2 people group.
      Mist: Terrible content, even i wanna wear high gears go into mist, but as return what can i get back? T6 resource. XDDDD

      THis patch has been expected so much for players, and obviously SBI just rune it.

      SBI is trying to create a game depending on their own opinion, same like Apple create iphone. But difference is iphone is so good but Albion is going worse. Sad.
    • ok I found my first T8 solo mist after almost 15h of playing and I will say that, is gucci but only if you gathering, the zone seems to be full of T7-8 resources with 5-6 ticks on average. :thumbup:

      @SirisLi it looks like the only zones that really need tweak are T6-7 if the rarity level of T8 is maintained (which i would prefer) being 6-7 minutes in T8 zone I wasn't able to gather everything.
      T8 mist with its rarity is like winning the lottery, personally I would focus entirely on T6-7 zones, maybe adding some PVE stuff to T8 zones.I haven't met any artifact mobs so far.

      Heres what I was able to get in that short time


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    • the roads feel underwhelming most of the times. the fact you can now "snipe" chests by just ratting bosses makes this even worse.

      i have played non stop since the update .. maybe 10 cores & 0 spiders .

      being able to pop group dungeons is nice. but there seems to be a limit somehow because dungeons aren't removing quick enough after being completed.

      please don't allow avalonian dungeons to be "closed" without monsters being killed in it.. losing a dungeon that you have 20 people preparing for because some dude ran in & left feels horrible.

      the blobbing mechanic should be 1 person higher in the roads . (so it's 1 higher then the maximum party size for a blue portal).

      please make it so you have to clear an encounter before you get to open a chest.
      please make the encounters respawn faster (as a whole with the boss) instead of having a fast spawning encounter without a boss.
      increase the spawn rate of events..
      ign: tride

      Try whatever tricks you want. I’ll just straight up kill you and resolve the issue once and for all.
    • Best way to collect resources? 8.3 bear paws and kill everyone.
      Best way to farm rep? 8.3 bear paws and kill everyone.
      Best way to clear objectives? 8.3 bear pawns and kill everyone

      Mists is a deathmatch mode and this is not what we were told it would be. There needs to be both pros and cons for going in to PVP and pros and cons for going in to gather.
    • Video on My Suggestions

      Most Important Notes:
      1. Rework Objectives - There needs to be more objectives that both bring people together, and encourage them to fight. This is especially important for the common objectives in mists.
      2. Liven Up the Gameplay Cycle - Doing the mob camp quests over and over, and occasionally getting a small chest or turbulet mist gets boring fast. Speeding up how fast the mists cycle runs and how quickly dynamic objectives spawn could help a lot.
      3. Make Mists Dangerous - You should not be able to sit around on your mount without being worried about being dismounted. The 1200 HP cap change is a step in the right direction but not nearly far enough. A solo player in a fighting build should be able to reliably dismount players with lower tier gear and mounts if they get too close.
      4. Reduce IP Inequality - There needs to be something to address T4 new players getting into the same zones as T8.3 experienced players. It's not enjoyable for either of them. I would suggest a stalker/slayer system similar to corrupted dungeons.
      5. Abolish Yellow Zone Mists - Maybe I'm missing something but I have no idea what purpose these serve. They don't do anything helpful for the game.
    • My feedback,
      Main problem is to keep walking, spot checking, walking, everything at once, no mob, nothing attractive, with luck you find something, then you have to pray to drop something good.

      -> Increase mobs respawm and lower drop rate. The events are much more hyped because there's a chance of dropping something and that encourages hunting, but for that we need a bigger respawm so we don't wander behind mobs.

      -> Another solution I would say would be to decrease the amount of roads and mist, but make it more crowded at runtime. (Many roads, we entered and checked all the spots and it was already done by someone and the map is all empty and it takes a while to have something on that map, a map with a short timer (1h for example) and updating quickly would be much better, as we would have more encounters and crowds to kill.

      -> They should first correctly balance comps with insibility and evasion spam. Dev's need to fight the group content rat as it is not beneficial to the health of the game. Imagine you get 5 friends together to play albion online and go make content for 5 people and get there, 1 person loots all your loot, or follows you pushing the mob and running. Then he dies, respawm the HO with set t4 and stay there. These people will drop the game, 100%.

      -> I know you are afraid of the economy exploding with new content, but not receiving loot discourages and discourages people from playing, increase trash rate, make resources break on death. If the loot is in the content, people will fight to get it and everyone wins. But there must be a correct balance, unfortunately today the situation is quite complicated (it seems that only CDs are reviewed).

      -> Block looting chests intended for groups unless all surrounding mafias are dead. (And don't forget to apply this to the statics)

      Anyway, that's my feedback, I hope the devs really read the forums this time. <3
    • The roads seem pretty good. I like the removing of the green portals (although some are still showing up). I like the chests. Although the loot is still pretty garbage. I'm not asking for a lot but 2k out of a chest that is not soloable by most builds is pretty sad. The fame seems more fair. The might seems more fair. I haven't spent a bunch of time in the roads yet, we'll get to that later, but I haven't seen any orbs. I have seen a couple small chests so that's cool. Overall first impressions are good.

      Now let's talk the Mists. This part of the update is a big time letdown. My experience has been that the Mists are a horse riding simulator. Ride around looking for a wisp. Finding only common ones and knowing those are terrible you ride around some more. Get bored of that and go in a common. Ride around looking for wisps in cages. Find a couple and kill the mobs. The Mist is closing. Ride around looking for another wisp. Finding only common ones. Eventually take one after 5 minutes of searching and seeing only a dozen commons and nothing else. 3k Reputation out of all that riding. Rinse and repeat. Lots and lots of riding around. All to try to get to this cool new city. Why? So that I can do Mists more easily? Why would I want to do that? By the time I hit 50K reputation I won't want to ever step in the Mists again. I've entered the mists from the roads, from T5 BZ, from T7 BZ. They all seem the same. T6 zones with nothing of real interest except maybe fame farming. The resources are 6 flat mostly. Occasionally 5.1. I'm not taking 600k worth of tools with me for that. I haven't seen a single one of the mobs that drops the new artifacts. It just seems like it's only really good if you want to fame farm or try to kill fame farmers. There doesn't seem to be anything high end. Maybe if you just gave everyone access to the city? Or even cut the effort down significantly?

      I did finally come across a legendary Mist. This was a T7 zone and had a decent amount of rewards available. It had resources I would have gathered if I had brought my tools. The plus here is that I now know there are Mist zones more worth going to. But they still seem so few and far between that it takes me back to it being a horse riding simulator. It needs some way for players to get into a zone that is at least close to what they want. I'd say change it to guarantee the Mist zone will be the same level of the zone you entered from. Or make it so that the rarity shows after you bump into the Wisp and the rarity is based off of the player that bumped it. So if you have high rep you have a much higher chance of getting a rare mist. A way to reward players for getting their reputation up. Currently I have no incentive to really free any of the wisps or do any camps in the Mists now that I made it to the city. Or you could even have the wisps that spawn when the Mist is closing have a higher chance of being rare. Rewarding players who stay in the mists longer rather than just popping in and out.

      UPDATE 2:
      I went out to a T8 BZ as far away from any rest, or portal town as I could get. After an hour and a half of riding there and combing through the zone I finally found a wisp that wasn't common. This one was Rare. Again, a nice T7 zone that was worth being in. The problem here was not the quality of the zone. It was how long it took to find it. The way the mists was advertised was that it would be an area for solo players to not have to worry about being zerged by larger groups. But I spent an hour and a half in areas I could be zerged by large groups just to find it. Then it closed 15 minutes later. Again, too much horse riding simulator to find a zone that's worth your time.

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    • from someone who lives in the Avalon roads and was hyped af for the update:
      1. Cores and chests spawn rate are really really low mostly green cores and small chests and that’s like hours and hours waiting
      2. 3 man party can rat a big gold chest by just killing the boss
      3. We’ve been scouting the roads daily not a single spider spawn or gathering nodes
      4. The golden portal between hideouts was useless if 3 people can take out chests after killing the boss
      5. The 6 man party blob mechanic is a buzz killer make it at least +7
      6. The highest quality roads rest (hideout zones ) are all from 00:00 and above which kills the content for EU guilds
      Just an idea
      Make the golden portals between hideouts Carry more content
      and spawn a lot of cores and chests etc for more pvp content between the hideouts regions
      Maybe a small castle or an Avalon outpost that you can attack and defend
    • I like the mists overall but.. Only thing:

      Tbh i only think they should nerf Mount HP → 1500 is a T8 armored warhorse/pest lizard. Even if you can dismount that, there is NO way you can either kill the dude or catch him afterworths. Even with and 8.3 set is hard to dismount a lizard. When running around on it ppl dont even bother to attack.

      IMO make mount HP like 300-500 (for 1V1) and then still running around mounted would be OP. Or give a Debuff if you get dismounted by a player. (like a slow). I mean there is no punnishment to just stand on your lizard next to 2 ppl fighting until they drop to 30%.

      (Also think the upcomming frost shot nerf is kinda dumb Now the sword nerf is kinda unexcisting in CD. so evry single player above 5M imfamy will be spamming sword again. gj sword one trick streamers i guess. even after recent nerf 15 of the top 20 players are still using sword)
    • LongtimeAO wrote:

      Best way to collect resources? 8.3 bear paws and kill everyone.
      Best way to farm rep? 8.3 bear paws and kill everyone.
      Best way to clear objectives? 8.3 bear pawns and kill everyone

      Mists is a deathmatch mode and this is not what we were told it would be. There needs to be both pros and cons for going in to PVP and pros and cons for going in to gather.
      Have you seen one person using gathering gear in the mists? So far I have not which is sad because the gathering gear revamp was supposed to be in this update. You also forgot the Bow of Bullshit players btw.
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    • You can currently do a t6/t8 Gold Chest Boss In Roads with 2 people because the bosses have around 10-15k hp only. You have 2 man parties going around, doing only the boss (you can open the chest just by killing the boss), getting millions of loot and hundreds of thousands in fame. I don't know if this was intended or yet another bug, but I cant imagine SBI intended to allow 2 man parties to do a t6/t8 gold chest, when last patch it required at least 5. Please increase the health of the bosses, or make it so all of the mobs need to be cleared.
    • hunter hood is returning back to100% so just wait for everyone to use that again. At least some will have another thing to complain about...
      So we get a Yuletide event IG, but my religion's holiday of All You Can Eat Pasta Friday's isn't allowed? All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Our Lord and Savior of all you can eat!