Mists Guide - How to get to Brecillen

    • Mists Guide - How to get to Brecillen

      The Mists are here!
      And it'll be my pleasure to make a full, and comprehensible guide to show you everything you need to know about them.
      This guide isn't complete yet, but it will be soon. And on with the update!
      Obs: Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. This is my first ever thread <3

      What are the Mists?
      The mists are basically Open World zones, but with an entrance similar to the ones in Avalonian Roads.
      They offer random mobs to kill, some small lakes here and there for fishing, random chests, etc.
      Another thing they offer is (As far as I know), two ways of getting Mist reputation. More on that below.

      Do they offer anything unique? Eh not really. It's mostly a reskin. It looks beautiful tho.
      I am told you can get special materials to craft the new Fey armor sets and stuff in them but I assume it's BZ only.

      How do I get in the Mists?
      They can be accessed by finding Wisps around the Open World, in Yellow, Red, and Black Zones.
      I am not sure if they can be found in Blue zones as I don't play in them.

      Wisps are small blue... thingies. That emit whistling-like sounds. Once you find one, get near it and it'll move around a bit and then spawn a Will of the Wisp portal that will get you on the Mists.
      The portals always match the zones they were spawned in.


      Will of the Wisp Portal:

      Mist Map structure
      Here's a screenshot with how the average Mist looks like on the map.
      The 4 zone arrows lead to about the same place where you came from, in the same zone.
      Example: If I entered through Lazygrass Plain, I will go back to Lazygrass Plain. Always.

      Average map structure:

      Brecillen Standing
      The Mists have a reputation just like with Factions, called Brecillen Standing.
      You can get standing by performing two tasks: Rescuing Wisps, and clearing Camps.

      You can check how much standing you have by opening your Stats and scrolling all the way to the bottom.
      You start as "Neutral", meaning 0. You will unlock "Friendly" at 50.000 standing, and I have yet to know what's the name of the rank for when you get 150.000

      Rescuing Wisps
      Whenever on the Mists, pay attention to what you hear. When you hear what I can best describe as a "wailing whistle", it's probably a Wisp that's been trapped by mobs.
      You can simply interact with the trapped Wisp to free it, but this takes time. So naturally you want to kill the mobs around it.... *most of the time*. I say that because I found out you can just straight up steal Wisps from people. While they are attacking the mobs, simply get in and rescue the Wisp and it's all yours!

      You get about 200 Standing by rescuing a Wisp, plus modifiers from the type of Mist you are in at the time. More on that later.

      Trapped Wisp:

      Freeing a Wisp:

      Clearing Camps
      You will find that there are square like structures in the map within the Mists. Those have mobs that constantly respawn, like in a Static Dungeon. They take a few minutes to respawn when killed.
      Your goal is to simply get in, and kill enough mobs to get the necessary fame to complete the objective. As far as I recall, it's about 2.7K for small camps, 5K for medium camps and 10K for large camps.
      Other players will also be competing to clear the camps, so whenever you get inside the Mists, immediately go for the camps. And watch out if you are in RZ and BZ! Speaking of which...

      Camp on the Minimap:

      Camp once you get inside it:

      Me fighting mobs in a camp. Red rectangles showing the objective and the location on the minimap:

      Mist Types
      There are various types of Mists. Each type has a multiplier for how much Standing you get whenever you rescue Wisps or clear enemy Camps.

      Here are the types of Mists according to what I found so far:
      - Common: Gray
      - Uncommon: Green
      - Rare: Blue
      - Epic: Purple

      Rescuing a Wisp on Gray gives me about 260 Standing in Yellow Zone.
      Meantime, I was getting about 500 Standing in the Epic Mist.

      Epic Mist Portal:

      Closing Time
      Mists close after a certain amount of time, similarly to how Avalonian Roads' portals close too.
      Whenever there's 5 minutes left for the Mist to close, a warning will pop up at the top of your screen.

      Wisps will then start spawning around the map, and will lead you to other Mists, just like how you entered from the Open World. As far as I know, the only way to get into rarer Mists is to go through portals like that, as seen in the screenshot above. If you do not make it in time, the Mist closes and you are teleported back into the zone you came from in the Open World.

      Warning popup:

      Getting to Brecillen
      Once you reach 50.000 Brecillen Standing, you will be able to get to Brecillen at last.
      But of course, it isn't easy. You will have to find a "ring" formation in the minimap.

      There, you will find a bunch of mushrooms, again in the form of a ring. You may pass by one before you get enough Standing. If you have 50K Standing or more, a portal will then open in the center of the ring, leading to Brecillen. I found that these rings only show up in Rare and Epic Mists, but I could be wrong.

      Location of a ring entrance to Brecillen from the Minimap:

      Entrance when you don't have enough Standing:

      Entrance when you have enough Standing:

      Then, simply get in, and at last!
      Welcome to the city amongst the ruins, Brecillen!


      What happens if I die in the Mists?
      Same thing as always. If you get downed by a Mob you will be knocked down. If you are in Red and Black zone and a Player kills you, you will lose all your gear.
      Also, if you are in Yellow zone but are flagged hostile due to being within a chest zone, if you get downed by a Player you won't lose your gear but will still die.
      Regardles of how, if you die, you will be removed from the Mists and have to choose a respawn location.

      How do I get back from Brecillen to the Royal Continent?
      You can get back by fast traveling using the Travel Planner. However, there is a twist. Just like Caerleon, you cannot move from and to Brecillen with luggage.
      Another way to do it is to go to the zones outside the city, or take an Avalonian Road, and find your way back.

      How do I set Brecillen as my Home (and why)?
      Pay attention to this! According to the game itself, you CANNOT fast travel back to Brecillen using the Travel Planner unless you've set it as your Home.
      I found no other way to do it other than to buy an Island there, build a house and set it as my Home. This allows me to go back and forth from the Island to Brecillen.

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    • nice guide!
      There is another rarity: legendary
      Found one, totally worthless(T6 zone)
      Unfortunately the entrance show the rarity and not the tier, usually you get T6(not worth your time)
      Only once(after 6hours in mist) I have got a T8 rare zone, tons of t8.0 1 t8.2 and 2 t8.1 ore.
      Of course my pickaxe was not there(sad).
      My experience is: not worth your time, except you have extremely high luck stat.
      You need fame farm?
      Black zone still better.
      You want to gather some stuff?
      On the roads you can find more flat t6 resources.
      Do you want to do some pvp?
      Forget it, high mobility weapons(b.bracers,bloodl.) dominate(clean up you after a fight) or just run away in trouble.
    • But...is an entrance for Brecilien hidden somewhere in every mist map? I have 50000+ standing toward Brecilien but I cannot find an entrance yet. :( I'm looking for every circular shaped, large and flat spot on the map, but I've never seen a mushroom circle until now.
    • Ok, I finally made up my way to Brecilien! :D Found a portal to the city into a rare mist zone, as BitBraven provided to say.

      Now...I bought my piece of island in Brecilien, and after that I used the Roads to spawn in Outlands near Lymhurst portal, and then returned safely to my home in Bridgewatch after a brief journey. :P As you all already know, now Brecilien and my new island are available as destinations but I cannot travel from Bridgewatch to Brecilien with luggage, but BitBraven said something about setting a house on the own Brecilien island as home: does it work? If I build a house on my island in Brecilien and set it as home, will I be able to go there from Bridgewatch/to Bridgewath from there with luggage? Do I have to pay for luggage?
      In other words, does a way to freely use my faction city (Bridgewatch), my own island (island in Bridgewatch), my guild island (again in Bridgewatch) and my Brecilien island all together exist?

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    • SvatDregual wrote:

      So once you have standing, you need a rare or better wisp to reach the city? Can anyone state what an unstable wisp gate does?
      No you can find a portal to Brecilien even with a common wisp, but it could require to travel among multiple mist to find a portal.
      The unstable wisp gate (if I understood correctly what are you talking about, I'm not playing often in mists) is just a place where you can carry a weakened wisp found in the mist: achiveing this mission give you a great boost in Brecilien standing and might/favour, if your're playing in a lethal mist.

      Since this thread has been refreshed, I'll ask again here: actually I'm not playing in the mists, just reached 50000 standing, visited Brecilien a couple of times, and bought my Brecilien Island...after the last patches and fixes, does a way to use/visit my Brecilien island from my Royal City with luggage exists? I don't need new building/farm plots, just want to set up that island like an "holiday home"... :D
    • Nope, it should let you since you have to chance an unstable road to get back. Might as well let you take things there freely... But for now the only way to get into bercilien with loot is to get a crappy ox, load up, and keep entering mists until you see the portal on the map. I just find one, go in, check map, rinse and repeat until you see the portal. (Its faster to leave if its not in a mist and just find another in a yellow zone) Maximum has been 6 wisps before i saw a portal so far.
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    • BitBraven wrote:

      How do I set Brecillen as my Home (and why)?

      Pay attention to this! According to the game itself, you CANNOT fast travel back to Brecillen using the Travel Planner unless you've set it as your Home.
      I found no other way to do it other than to buy an Island there, build a house and set it as my Home. This allows me to go back and forth from the Island to Brecillen.

      First of all, thanks for your guide! Pretty helpful :)

      - I finally arrived to Brecilien.
      - I bought an island there.
      - I go into the personal island and builda home.

      Now the only thing remaining is set it as home: I can't finf the option anywhere :S

      Discord -> kiketasu#1427
    • To set the house you built as you home, open the panel of the house (click on the paper outside) where you can see how many residents/laborers/furniture are in the house, upgrade/demolish the building, and set it as your home.
      But I didn't understand clearly which is the purpose of doing this, except having the respawn option of your home when you die...