New Update is Awful

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      those same NPC 20 man gank became rats and spectators
      they evolved into another species entirely
      yes, only there they can't play in pt :)

      and the problem in mist isn't in flat 4/npc etc... but in mounts that still have armor that is balanced under outlands, arm horse has 100 arm + your gear you are tanky as motherfucker..

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      New update killed BZ content , which were already empty, but now its jus big desert. The huge number of locations caused also , but new u̶p̶s̶e̶t̶ update did control shot in knee.
      haha can't gank 20v1 anymore ? maybe it's time to learn how to play the game instead of CC lock and trashtalk L2P or some other stuff hah
      I'm super happy to hear that NPC alliances can't take an equal number fights.
      Even if my grupi will be 20 ppl, i will not find any 1
    • 50+ hrs roaming mists and there a joke lol Exotic newARTIFACTS ? DO THEY EVEN EXIST? nothing but common t6 roads and if you are lucky enough to find a RARE T7 OR T8 YOU GET BOOTED OUT moments later. ohh and 8.3 rich players are king. no ty ill stick the openwold as a solo player less risk and more reward. back to the drawing board SBI
    • Вместо того, что бы разнообразить игру и сделать ее интересней, разрабы клепают новые локации, совершенно пустые. Нет, что было бы принципиально сделать нормальный чат. Нет, что бы сделать обычную камеру и обзор. Нет, что бы придумать, что то для новых игроков, что бы они не считали себя убогими во всех зонах и не служили лёгким кормом для прокаченных задротов. Нет они клепают просто пустые зоны.
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      PLUARUS wrote:

      New update killed BZ content , which were already empty, but now its jus big desert. The huge number of locations caused also , but new u̶p̶s̶e̶t̶ update did control shot in knee.
      haha can't gank 20v1 anymore ? maybe it's time to learn how to play the game instead of CC lock and trashtalk L2P or some other stuff hahI'm super happy to hear that NPC alliances can't take an equal number fights.
      Even if my grupi will be 20 ppl, i will not find any 1
      what area I would love to know because around sterling I can't gather anymore I always get ganked plus there always groups running around every zone 70% of the day
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      PvE fame is worse than a t5 blackzone, gathering is incredibly lackluster, zones feel incredibly empty. Played for 4 hours and I saw 2 weakened wisps (one of which was bugged and couldn't be turned in) and 2 chest. Since there is literally nothing to do in the mists, whenever a map objective does come up the entire map shows up and tries to rat it. Badons everywhere, everyone plays like a rat since it only takes 3 people to blob so all you have to do is wait for people to start fighting and run to the blob to third party.

      SBI completely missed the mark here
      About "empty"
      you dont blob anymore and they tweaked the mists
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      Ulfnaor wrote:

      So much wrong in such a small content patch. Most of my comment will echo points made by others but what the heck, it bears repeating.

      Let's begin with general points:
      -The entire update feels half-baked and like it needed another 3 to 4 months of polishing / extra content.
      -Y'all need to stop going for updates that try to please everyone; it ends up pleasing no one. It's a general, problematic trend with game devs these days but still, it applies to Albion.
      -Why do we keep getting redundant content?

      More importantly: why did we get the Mists?

      I thought Avalonian Roads were already supposed to fill the niche of "misty, off the books, roads for adventure and PvPvE" and that CDs/HGs already existed for dedicated 1v1s/2v2s/5v5s? Who is this content even for? Do you guys not realize that when you keep adding content that overlaps with other content, you further divide the playerbase into increasingly narrow, unpopulated instances?

      Moreover, what's the point of the Mists if the PvP part is already filled by other content, yet the PvE part is ALSO filled by other, more rewarding and safer content?

      Let's consider the following:
      -Fame? Mists are worse than completely safe solo dungeons or farming solo mobs in t5 yellow zones. A feat that is hard to beat.
      -Loot drops? Virtually absent. Any t4 zone solo dungeon gives more in 10 minutes than you get from one hour of black-zone misting.
      -Gathering? Somehow worse than blue/yellow royal zones.

      It begs the question: who is this for? Why does it even exist? What's the niche that needed to be filled that wasn't already filled by other, already existing content?

      Why do we keep getting patches that "add", unrelated, isolated, instanced content rather than build up on our existing content and fix the issues with it? This is spreading our playerbase for no gain whatsoever.

      One of your worst patches, if not the worst, for the sole reason that it is so unpolished. Take it out and go back to the drawing board.

      Trial_hard wrote:

      If you take back this content and overwork it for 3 months i wouldn't miss anything, as i have nothing from it.

      It's not good for pvp, not good for PvE, what's it good for?.

      It shouldn't be PvE environment, there is enough.

      It should be multi open world pvp environment with solo experience and no Zerg..

      Solo fits, no Zerg more or less but the reason to pvp is completely missing
      This patch is for the solo players who have been asking for solo content. I agree the rewards are low and that they should tweak it up a bit, but it should not match black zone rewards. Why should it? There is more risk in black zones where you can get zerged by anyone, at least in mists you have to go 1v1v1v1.
      Not sure this patch is meant for 8.3 veterans to go into the mists to roll over newbies - if the rewards are increased to black zone levels you will see many 8.3's stomping on everyone else. For the veteran players with guilds they should just look at the mists as a place to get some open world pvp content in without going into corrupteds/hgs/getting zerged on. They should not make the rewards so great for the mists that people stop going to the black zone just to go to the mist.

      For everyone crying about the update there are probably 10 satisfied solo players that dont whine on the forums every day. And for the record I also do not enjoy the rewards the mists are giving, but I am having fun doing some pvp without getting zerged every time. If I want to farm I will do so in the black zones.
      You seem to be thinking I'm in some kind of zerg. I'm not. I've spent my entire time in Albion playing either as a solo player or in very small (less than 20 men) guilds. I roamed the black zones either solo or with crews of less than 10, generally 5 tops. I am who this patch is supposed to target, yet it fails the mark. Not only that but they have not addressed (and you also skipped over it only to produce a whiny rant about whiny rants, props btw.) why we are producing new content that overlaps (and sometimes directly so) already existing content.
      The fact of the matter is that we already got content for players who want to do 1v1s: it's called Corrupted Dungeons. We got stuff for 2v2s: Hell Gates. We also have HGs for 5v5s and Ava Roads for 2-men or 7-men OW-PvP.

      This is (or well, maybe I should say it was) an Open-World PvP game. It is a MMORPG. I understand the desire to pander to asocial, solo scrubs but at some point, it really shouldn't be done at the expense of everything else. It certainly shouldn't be done at the expense of the Open-World part of the game. You already had a black zone solo experience: it's called the black zones. If they're too dangerous to you, you had the option to step it down a notch by going to 2-men ava roads where the biggest groups one tends to encounter is like 2-3 guys. More often than not, it's a solo gatherer. Killing 2-3 guys is impossible for you and solo gatherers are not your favorite type of ice cream? We got Corrupted Dungeons for solo players who want to duke it out with other solo players.

      This empty mist stuff where we just go around killing a few shit-tier mobs, for no drops and terrible fame, while we wait for a 50k silver chest to spawn so six of us, in full rat gear (assassin jackets, invis pots, undead capes galore) with bows and bearpaws can see who makes the first move isn't exactly thrilling content. If half-assed attempts (the list of things they forgot to add to this update is a bit long) to deliver content that overlaps with existing content and going around trying to rat other t6 rats in an empty map is your cup of tea, then by all means, keep encouraging SBI's devs. Just don't go around pretending those of us who speak out against it are but a minor group while your voice is supposed to be the echo of a million-strong army of satisfied customers.You represent no one but yourself and the same applies to any feedback here.

      I am not sure what you are asking for - is it more end game content/black zone objectives? I have no problem with that, I want more black zone end game content too. I also do not think the mists should replace black zone.

      I however have no issues with the mists being it's own seperate thing. If i don't want to go in there I wont participate in that content simple as that. I believe this patch was not meant for you. Just dont go into the mists and wait until they implement the content you are looking for.

      And as for speaking up against the content - you and others are free to do so, but dont pretend you guys represent anyone other than yourselves. There are people who enjoy this content, you have a right to complain but you also are not the voice of the majority.
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      Хорошее обновление, нужно немного доработать, но все равно хорошо.
      Вы в команде разработчиков или тестировщиков?
      no, he just doesn't whine about everything he died
      Cringe. Still worst upate ever .

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    • Hear me out, mists should be at maximum 3v3 and 6v6 for duos, where pvp is not the main content, but an optional thing to do at pve camps and gathering nodes, it should be fast paced in small maps (duos get a bigger map) that close and switch to a new instance every 3 or 4 minutes, you go to the next mists if you find a wisp to spawn a single use portal, if you don't find one you get kicked out to the map you came from.

      That's what mists should have been, it's a fun concept and it doesn't get boring, the fact that they added the city and roads to it fucked it all up because thats where the mounts factor comes from.
      I'm so prog, I listen to concept albums on shuffle
      Look for the ayys