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      Hey everyone!

      We've been doing Questions of the Week on Reddit and Twitter for some time now, and starting from this 4th question, we'll also be publishing them on Forum!
      Question of the Week is a community activity that allows you to share your opinion about different aspects of the game. We’re always happy to receive your feedback, even if it’s a critique because you can help us improve something!
      Every week we bring up one question and gather your views about the topic!

      This week we want to talk about weapons. Do you have a weapon you hate? Or maybe you love some weapon the most, but you think it’s breaking the game and should not exist. Or maybe you consider some of the weapons useless, just a waste of space in a destiny board. Tell us about it!

      Question of The Week #4:
      If you could completely remove one weapon from the game, which one would it be and why?
    • Hammers, they fill no purpose in PvE. I would pull them back and rework the whole lot.
      They are behind every weapon in everything besides crowd control. And sub-par on that also sometimes.

      Dont get me wrong, I love how they look and feel in every game but this. Bring me my hammers <3
    • Since no other tank weapon beside mace has an aoe threat generation spell they all can be removed. They can not compete with maces. But I do not think maces should be removed I think the others should be buffed to make them usefull in PVE and hopefully PVP.

      Actually I do not think there is an OP weapon in the game. The only problem of most of the weapons is the lag of mobility. And since this game is pretty fast in the fighting a weapon without mobility is useless in openworld if not in a really big group that do not care about dodging dmg. (I really hope quarterstaffs get a bit of love in the future)
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    • i like most weapons have their place in the game and within their own tree
      and each provides a powerful choice for any content in their own way

      but if i have to choose one to delete from the game i would choose a weapon it would be
      Wailing Bow

      the reason?
      Putting aside the W choices that need to be reworked
      the E of wailing bow is just straight up worst than other available options in the bow tree and other ranged weapon's E

      You need to Hit 4 targets in a line to get max value and people dont stand there to get hit
      and even at max value other available choices give max value with less restrictions

      you can get max value out of mistpiercer much easier and get higher more reliable single target damage
      long bow uses explosive arrow more efficiently making their single target much better
      and warbow deals more single target damage with 3 E arrows than one wailing bow E

      overall its very underwhelming as a weapon
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    • In my opinion, the current great arcane is very damaging to the fun of the game. The game has always been a beautiful use of dmg stack. Epic runs, huge damage. Currently, great arcane saves 80% of stacks. There are no more great and effective fights. There are only those where the great arcane will be thrown on time or not.
      Additionally, too much depends on one player in the zerg. One player is able to stop the entire 30-40-60 man run. If he makes a mistake, his colleagues die. Enigmatic is okay, because it can be broken, it can be countered somehow. On the other hand, great arcane is very hard to counter and takes small scale fun from the game for me as a caller.
    • Hi,

      I have weapons (2)...
      Iron-clad Staff - doesn't seem like it's very popular right now.
      1H Holy Staff - Lifetouch Staff is so much better.

      And I have off-hands (2)
      Tome of Spells - Not much use in late game
      Eye of Secrets - Not much use in early and late game

      Those two could use a serious rework...
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    • I like all the weapons in the game, obviously there are some who need rework, but don't remove them.
      What I would like to be balanced is the compositions of invisibility + mobility.

      and a suggestion, I would add skills for secondary hands, they could replace the weapon's W ability when equipped.
    • I been thinking about this question for sometime now and I am having a hard time deciding what.

      Maybe Heavy Crossbow, Do people even use this? Where and when? Maybe at the start of the game in July of 2017 but na I don't think it was ever used.

      A kinda long ranged interrupt that does okay damage and can pierce through players and mobs... maybe I am underrating it a bit but I feel like other weapons does what it does but better.

      -Bow line Q Multishot(5 sec cd) can
      -Quarterstaff line Q Cartwheel(8 sec cd) can
      -Mace line W Snare Charge(15 sec cd) can but for some reason in the tool tip it does not say it can?
      -Hammer line W Power Geyser(10 sec cd) can

      The list can go on and on about what can do what the Heavy Crossbow E does with lower cool down but I don't feel like looking at everything this is what I just popped into my head with out thinking to much about it.

      If you take it out of the game I don't think anyone will be crying over losing their favorite weapon being gone forever.
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    • Right now I feel like SBI only full their effort on some weapons and the other weapon just to keep the economy going, or some worsen the combat experience. I am not going to choose 1 weapon to remove from the game, because SBI would introduce a new disaster anyway.

      The way I see SBI working on their weapon system is so clumsy and cumbersome. SBI makes defensive gear like judicator armor, enigmatic but then makes lifecurse to purge them all, so then the required number of role increase by 1, even lifecurse is uninterrupted. Great Arcane is now also another must have weapon in a party. This weapon favor bigger zerg and smaller party hardly compete with them anymore.

      If I was SBI who is trying to solve this mess, I would do thing to favor smaller party, everything must be counterable and more impactful abilities require higher skill, not like demonfang or great arcane.
    • weapon? Bloodletter. A ranged 40% execute that can be modified with damage increase abilities feels unfun to play against. The only options available are to iframe, interrupt or use a martlock cape. Because there is no telegraph of an execute coming like with the infernal scythe its almost impossible to consistently interrupt or iframe bloodletters E ability.
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    • Honestly split between great arcane and bloodletter

      When it comes to unused weapons, i think we actually should create a crowdsourced table or something and mark out every weapon against main types of content (solo, smallscale, midscale, zvz, cd, hg 2/5/10, cgvg, solo/group pve). And not in the "can be used" sense, but "actually consistently used S/A tier". I think you would find out quite a few don't fall into any category really. Those are your targets

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    • It would be the whole wargloves weapon line.

      Unlike the other weapons which are able to be fixed (nobody cares regardless), the wargloves are fundamentally different from any other weapon in the game. In fact, so different and unsuitable to the Albion climate that core mechanics had to be altered to accommodate for their addition, such as knockup DR introduction, or inability to stack CC on certain weapons such as the Cestus, for example.

      It's quite literally daggers fused with staves, just... why? Why did you do it?
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