Corrupted Design is the obvious issue not weapons

    • Corrupted Design is the obvious issue not weapons

      Every balance update related to CDs that causes the forums to lose their damn minds is always a unnecessary nerf to cover up the flawed design of Corrupted dungeons. You can avoid all this mess and constant criticism if you just finally change the design itself to prevent the environment abuse of prestacking and excessive mobility.

      Make it more about properly using offensive/defensive spell rotations and less about opps I missed better reset and try again. Why keeps mobs during the invasion? Why do most traps benefit the runner instead of the chaser? Why is the 1v1 fight area so large that we even have to ask the 2nd question?

      You already have many of the mechanical fixes in HGs that would solve the CD problems. Just please try something with the design instead of these odd weapon nerfs trying to compensate for the flawed existing CD design.
    • The initial CD design without bats and old shrine has been the best. It has been the best game decision ever. What are you talking about?
      It uncovered so many unbalanced things in the game at once. Things that nobody cared about for years because all efforts were to balance unimportant for majority of player base content like crystal league. And nobody gave a shit about small scale, 1v1, ganking where certain weapons could kill you and your ox within 3sec.

      The obvious issue is in weapons and game mechanics, not CD. Take swords, do you see them OW? Why? Because of stacks system that does not work in a hit and run environment and totally broken in CD because mobs there on every corner. the issue here not in CD, but in stack system itself.
    • As i said ownership and feeling responsible issue..

      If I'd be responsible I'd play at least 2 hours a day my content..

      At least that's my expectation how can u have any clue about your content if u don't like nor play it..

      Recommendation: make someone responsible and pay him play at least 2 hours a day the content..

      Better suggestion find some who has fun play his content and he works 8 hours and plays in it's free time .