What are Victory Emotes?

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    • What are Victory Emotes?

      Hello everybody,
      Nice to meet you all!

      Into the Fray Patch 7 launches today, introducing new Victory Emotes to the game.
      I’d like to take a moment to introduce the feature to you.

      Victory Emotes, which arrived with the Into the Fray update, allow you to personalize your kills.
      This way you can display your combat prowess by styling on your opponents. Victory Emotes are audio-visual effects that automatically trigger whenever you kill another player. Every trigger will consume a charge, until you have none left. Similar to other Vanity Skins, these charges are shared across your characters.

      What Victory Emotes are there?
      In total there are 10 Victory Emotes for you to choose from.
      T4 Victory Emotes:

      • Guild Banner
      • Platform Banner: Mobile
      • Platform Banner: Controller
      • Platform Banner: Desktop
      • Overgrown
      T6 Emotes:
      • Tombstone
      • Ghost
      • Sword
      • Hammer
      T8 Emotes:
      • Hellgate
      How can I obtain them?
      You don't acquire the emotes themselves. Unlike Vanity Skins, you can't permanently unlock them. Instead you receive charges, which will deplete each time you trigger the Emote.

      Twitch Drops
      Obtain a small amount of charges regularly by participating in our Twitch Drop campaigns.
      Every week you can earn up to 7 Community Chests which each have a chance to contain Victory Emote charges. These come as items and need to be consumed in order to make the charges available to you.
      As a certain amount of these charge items are tradable, you can also find them in smaller quantities at the in-game Marketplace.
      Emote Preview
      For larger quantities you can also acquire charges by spending Gold. The in-game Emote Preview allows you to buy multiples of a fixed amount of charges for a fixed amount of Gold.
      The charges will be directly applied to your account so that all characters benefit from the purchase.

      Whenever you acquire charges on one character, they will also be available for all other characters on your account.
      How do I use them?
      You can equip any Victory Emote in their dedicated Tab within the Vanity menu.
      To open the Vanity menu, click on your Name, then “Appearance.”

      Victory Emotes can be found in the tab of the same name, third from the top.

      Here you have an overview of all Victory Emotes and how many charges you have left for each. While these icons are cool on their own, you can also see a preview of each Victory Emote by clicking on the respective icons. Right-Click to select an Emote for which you have charges. Right-Click an equipped Emote to deselect it.

      Now you’re all set up to vanquish your foes in style!
    • Should add a 'Fart on the Face' Victory Emoji.

      As it stands now, I have to be creative to do this. Knock someone down in Faction Warfare, properly position myself near their head, and do the following:

      /sit (near the face so the sitting happens on the face)
      switch chat to /e
      type 'farts on the face' so it emojis 'Blenfjorn farts on the face'.
      switch back to /s
      Type "Eat my farts nerd".

      But its a lot of work, and sometimes not possible in the mere 30 seconds the person is down for before they respawn. A victory emoji of this would be awesome.