Flip the table - For a new political order

    • Flip the table - For a new political order

      Hello Albion,

      Throughout the past 3 years, Albion had few map changes, new content added and lots of new mechanisms such as hideout, HQ, and dissaray and they all played a role in the grand scheme of the political-war game happening in the outer land. The dissaray had its fair share of controversy and the decisive stake of it is whether should Albion be more fragmented or more oriented towards larges coalition playing around timers. My suggestion aims to fragment much more the political map because I strongly believe the feeling of community is stronger in smaller guilds working together than anything else.

      The current map is already divided into region. Hightree, Munten, Thunderock, iceburn... etc. The guild system should be entangled in the chosen region/city and its outer land counterpart. People fighting for a city have also a higher chance to be fighting together for a similar region in the outer land unless they fight against each other..! It feels not so intuitive but maybe hideout should be the real marker of the ownership of a map in a region and not the terri. The terri should be seen as something producing value for the guild but could also mark the advance of the enemy in your area.

      So instead of building a large handholding coalition, it could feel much more challenging to have a system that automate the alliance throughout your region against other region. You shouldn't be allowed to have large coalition owning most of the valuable area of the map not fighting each other. The wars happening near portals are so meaningless - they are there exclusively for content... This will not prevent handholding but it will have the benefit to add much more faction to fight and extend the political games by dozen of time of what it is currently.

      ... and while we are at it, the guild monetization system is awful. Large guild gather so much money out of the work of everyone working under them. Most of the time it is stolen from them anyway. What a sad way to encourage people to invest their money in the game.


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