Undead World Boss animation not visible

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    • Undead World Boss animation not visible

      as stated above, in your graphics if you set spell animations to self or off, and the boss does the targeted spell that eventually drops the aoe dot dmg pool on the ground. You will not be able to see the pool. From my understanding this was already an issue with ava dungeons, so it should be an easy fix since it's already been fixed just not with this spell/mob.
    • Hello d1ux,

      Are you talking about the normally green little puddle, that deals damage to you while you stand inside it ? It is called "Rotten Pus" in the combat log I believe.
      That one is created by the reapers half circle cleave attack and it is indeed invisible when turning of Effects.

      The other AOE DOT pool that he drops after the single target channel is just called "Decay" in the log and that one at least has and AOE Indicator (Without any VFX of course)
      when you turn of Effects.

      I will inquire about the "Rotten Pus" AOE and if it should be visible when turning off effects :)

      Thanks for your feedback !