The Request for NDA Playtester

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      The_Support_God wrote:

      @Quagga and @Trial_hard

      i dont know how you view round table
      but its not as it seems
      we rarely do Item/weapon balance up there

      we normaly talk about game state and potential ideas to solve them. like last season's rats issue

      or the devs simply bounce ideas around top season G leaders and some people who are Top of their class in X content
      on upcoming ideas in development at the start of their life cycle

      they dont share leaks to people in round table about their progress in development
      as most leaks are done through dev talks and player' (data miner's) efforts
      talking to people who are currently in nda test and some of them admitted that over 50% of the current nda testers are retarded and should never be thereThey are semi afk in the game and are only there because they are OG.

      To this the GVG lobby and the "OG" people of zvz.
      you can see what garbage is the meta in ZVZ, what is the state of ZVZ, there are no new forces there, in BZ we have all the time the same people just re-brand every season to lure new people and disband with the next season and so potato farm newbies.

      pushing a shitload of updates so that any mobile Sunday player can log into the game and gather resources in the T8 zone without stress and be as a meat shield in ZVZ.
      this is the state of the game.

      Seasons is the biggest shit in this game, you see who is top 1-2 ? the two shittiest guilds in the game, they are worse than NPC and why are they top1 ? because all you need is merc GVG and have noobs that can raid mages 24/7 in flat 6 set.

      300 people guilds that are able to mass 50-80 people are not even able to start fighting over territories the handhold and alliance system is so deep that renters are farmed and the next day 300 people show up and you are not able to leave HO/HQ
      That's the kind of lobby we have in Albion. TRASH

      if you're not an OG and haven't played the game 5 years and aren't at full 8.3 you can dream about territories. the alliance system in the game is trash as is the amount of people in guilds and alliances.

      where are the posts of these OGs about the lack of competition and the war ? even reset day is trash, they all take what they have to take and only set up the content so that their potato farms people don't complain and leave. That's the garbage system we have in BZ, that's why RT should be official.

      GARBAGE this is the state of black zone
      So glad the RT is as pissed as anyone invested in Black Zone ZvZ,

      Don't worry, they're unbanning PERMANENTLY BANNED TOP CRYSTAL LEAGUE RMT'ERS
      Why? To fill up slots in their Crystal League tourny of course! Who else aside from RMT'ers and League of Legend dropouts even queues up for instanced PvP content in a MOBILE game? CRINGE
    • and i wonder How.

      Oh look there are pinned messages on the top of the each thread on how to post effective feedback
      i wonder if anyone will read it properly before posting in OP and UP threads

      Looks at mess of a forums and me begging for some people to Post Numbers and Values to have an intellectual discussion
      Result I am called a Theorizer who makes up absurd theories
      and my work is napkin maths

      and i wonder why SBI does not take feedback seriously

      Oh Oh better yet
      SBI posted changes for weapons new arcane and frost and fire staffs
      and noone decided to go and play test besides a few like me and Trial_Hard and maybe a few others that kept quiet

      then SBI releases patch notes as it is into live servers and people was like
      THIS IS OP who the fk is the play tester why you did not nerf this
      SBI you **** you made infernal staff too strong
      SBI you made great frost deal billion damage every 10 seconds cast
      Why is grudge one shotting me all of a sudden

      SBI is recruiting people to playtest this issue so that it does not happen in the first place and regular people like me go help test on test server every so often
      and give some feedback with proper maths and numbers
      so instead of Blaming SBI so much go and help them test first
      The Tank Who Bonks
    • what feedback ?

      it's not our job to mess around with math calculations that don't matter 90% of the time anyway cause all you have to do is use shoes differently or use purge and your whole calculation goes to shit.
      The very fact that someone created a murderladger that is based on 1v1 and % of usage of each weapon etc.... and the fact that one weapon is in meta for half a year and nothing else is even close to it.. to what feedback is needed ? then why RT and NDA testers exist ? remove both things if they don't work ?

      How much can you write about the fact that movement speed sword is BROKEN in CD what math is needed ? feedback is simple:

      prestacking/movement speed is broken.

      why is broken ?

      cause it created a toxic gamepaly relying on an infinite number of attempts to that the amount of outside factors like traps,crystals,mobs,chests, works in favor of sword to the extent that swords have "perma" 3 stacks.

      the rest is in the hands of the developers since when people have to work for the devs for free ?

      All this rant of ours is not aimed at destroying the game just to improve it to make gameplay better for everyone, there are no hidden intentions here. just the people who help suck and the balance in AO is trash and takes too much time, 2nd season of demon fang in meta and still this shit deals fucked up damage and they didn't fix demon fang and nerfed all other daggers it's retarded.

      Global increase/decrease of raw dmg for the entire tree at the same time, this is the balance we have in AO retarded.

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    • @Quagga
      this goes beyond just swords
      Swords is one of those that got alot of attention and got their "numbers" explain properly from the get go
      unlike other weapon threads that desperately need buffs/reworks since magic staff got updated
      we got so many other OP/UP threads buried that even you did not reply to

      we have many OTHER threads that said X item OP or Y item UP
      then give no reason or explanation on why its OP
      or any reference of how X weapon compare to Z weapon

      and yes Even i feel that Balance is poor when our Feedback is not heard
      Especially for sword who has been abit too dominant ever since its "Standtime buffs"
      i have not felt this way since tombhammer meta where one weapon dominated too strongly
      The Tank Who Bonks
    • Now we have a wonderful example that i like to use.

      1) current destruction of gnature. The feedback of most people is, if u remove trigger of dots on gnature shield the class is not balance adjusted but killed for all pvp content because curse e.g. will destroy it -

      no listening, no commenting, just ignoring and going on

      2) fix of swords - entire player base talked about prestacking issue. No listening, no commenting, just ignoring and going on

      3) just fixing of broadsword E, while big brother claymore is getting a free out of jail.

      Most people want this to be addressed - unfortunately not happening