Introduce myself

    • Introduce myself

      Hello there,

      I would be a friendly Pve player, until someone try to gank me. This game is not simple and easy as I thought before, specially the genius of gankers. Unfortunately for the moments I can easily difference normal player and gankers. The only thing that made me sad is with great benefits everyone will be a potential ganker, and I always try to believe them, that make me died few time bruh.

      Despite of playing with group, I usually being alone, is not because I like play solo, just haven't found a good slave teammate, you know...

      Anyway, I found this game by the past announced on the web, And I just start trying this game in August of 2022, is give me a extremely surprise XDXD

      I am not reach the legal age of majority yet, it mean the person who write this thread is a stupid child, Guh.

      Enjoy your rest of life

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