Best thing for grow on islands

    • No body will give you their secrets. Do your own market research. I will tell you however, that i recently quit my farming gig in Albion, mostly because harvesting, planting than watering on multiple islands is tedious daily task that can take up to 40 minutes or more and it doesn't earn as much other activities. The real money is in potion brewing , which potion? I won't tell you that... do your own market research. The added benefit of cooking/potion brewing is you don't have to do it daily, you can simply wait until focus builds up to 30 000 than craft it all in one big swoop. It is profitable, sells quick and you can make decent silver even crafting outside of Carleon. If you have a guild or friends that can escort you from Carleon after major brewing session you make that massive loads of silver, In carleon you get bonus to cooking & brewing plus food sells for much more in yellow zones. And if you think about it, the silver you spend on acquiring multiple islands, upgrading them than building farming plots.... a single character that started cooking/brewing from start without fooling around on an island would be so far ahead... just saying.
    • Try to calculate and see how much profit / loss can be each crop or animal give you

      At the start you might lose silver, but later when you have spec in specific thing you will start using focus and earn silver

      Try to focus on one or two things and max them.
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    • You calculate profit by going to AH and checking buy/sell price of items. Then factor in what 10k of focus will provide per day, then find the most cost efficient method.

      As others have said, no one will give you a golden solution. Others have spent the time to do some research and discover these things themselves.

      If you are focus farming crops, you will be making profit. Is it as focus efficient and profitable as crafting or refining: no. But that all comes down to you and what activities you want to do in the time you have.
    • Naruto364 wrote:

      i already max carrots and planting them is not that bad but want how to calculate myself to make profit

      A little hint, the average seed costs per field are always the same no matter if you use carrots or pumpkins. Also the average yield on plants or herbs per field is also always the same. Now you only need to check wich city pays the most and wich plant or herb give the most money per unit. Also check how much are traded per day as higher the number as better. If you use permium also check for how much you can sell your surpulus seeds on the player market compared to the price you pay for buying it from the npc on your island. As closer those number in player market is compared to the npc price as better.

      You can also check what kind of food or potions are made from your products and think about dipping into that too but if you want it nice and easy you just stop here and sell just the raw goods.

      Here you have everything handed on a virtual silver tablett , do your research and rake in that pennys :)

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    • Naruto364 wrote:

      so you mean i should move all of my islands to caerleon and don't spend my focus on the things i plant and how i should research What you do with islands is irrelevant. You do not need islands to make money from ceafting, you just need focus.
      You don’t need to move islands to Carleon unless yoh want to. What I’m saying is, in my opinion, using focus to craft food & potions is more profitable than using it to grow things.

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    • Doing crops on islands is simple and requires little thinking. It is just a tedious activity.

      Doing Potions/Food requires planning and tracking of input materials. If you want to deal with the added complexity, go it ahead. It is lucrative and much more profitable than just farming.