Controller bugs and some suggestions.

    • Controller bugs and some suggestions.

      Hey. I have seen some bugs when trying to play with controller. I use xbox elite v2 controller on PC and ps4 controller with iphone.

      I can't use controller to loot boss chests at dungeons. Video

      When trying to check active or passive skills of some gears, can't select those skills at all with Dpad and only way to read those is to use mouse. Video

      Cant click "OK" button in those instruction boxes. I tried every possible buttons and tried to see if i cant bind some button to do that but its impossible. Picture


      1. Add button to remove items from inventory. Function just like with mouse, drag and drop to delete item or simple button to do that.

      2. Add virtual mouse! FFXIV has perfect virtual mouse. Just click LB + R Stick click to enable and disable it.

      3. Gamepad cursor sensitivity only goes 50% and its still way too fast for me to use spells accurately sometimes so pls lower that value.