why I quit this game and you should too

    • why I quit this game and you should too

      This game is a pure waste of time, it will never be fun. the only fun u can have is running with a group and killing people. corrupted dungeons is always cancer, its 1v1 but its always cancer hit and run meta. after months we finally got rid of healing meta but guess what its back again! why SBI went through all the trouble of removing it in the first place, who knows. you hit someone with mage cowl but then you run for 5 seconds. big mistake ! the enemy is full hp again. peak 1v1 gameplay.

      Other fun activities in this game include gathering, you click on a plant and watch a loading bar. you do this for hundreds of hours and then u can earn some silver, fun! Another fun part of MMO's: Exploration! So much to explore in albion! every map is a copy paste of the lower zones with the same mobs with more HP. Exciting! With the same randomly generated dungeon spawns. (ofcourse this is easy for the devs, why make new mobs lol, SBI likes that) Well some maps have a bit more grass and different path structure, thats very exciting! ofcourse to have fun in this game, you need to max out your gear. another fun process, killing the same mobs you did in T4 zones for hours on end. the only people with maxed out gear in this game are unemployed NEETS like beast1k that sit the entire day in stalker dungeons with T8 gear and 120 spec. (those thousands of hours really payed off!)

      Other fun solo content includes solo dungeons, who doesnt want to spend 10-20 minutes for 20k silver with the risk of getting ganked. thats truly a rewarding experience. But dont worry mists is almost here, because people are totally not going to go in different entrances and find each other and still group gank right? haha! or run around with T8.3! Have fun everyone!
    • Exactamente, nunca estuve tan de acuerdo con alguien. Mismos mobs, mismos mapas, zona negra está repleta de grupos que hacen imposible la actividad de jugadores solitarios, me encanta el pvp no estoy en contra, pero 20 vs 1??
      Ni hablar de las mazmorras :thumbdown: son una perdida de tiempo todas se parecen y no ganas nada
      Deberían implementar el sistema de misiones que te incentiven a moverte por el mapa buscando algún tipo de material o eliminar alguna cantidad de mobs
    • @xBloodshed
      donate me your stuff on the way out

      i will put them to good use

      Unangwata wrote:

      I must admit the game creates sort of unhealthy environment with that lethal PVP push. Maybe it wasn't their intention but people don't exactly "behave" when rules taken away, usually.
      in games like this there will always be some inequality.
      its just compare to other games this game is lacking in quite a number of places since its heavier on the openworld full loot side
      with no definitive end game
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    • Albion Online? more like china online. not from the OGs playing the game .. in the top 50.. 70% are Chinese.the game is more zergi than ever. + their gaming culture is slowly killing Albion :)
      12 utc gl&hf 2 zerg close to 50 debuff handholding to kill debuff 20.the game needs some control over this dumb number spam.

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    • before land of awakening patch is rewardable from gathering to pve. i was a pve slave back then but now i rarely do pve and do pvp always.

      back then resourcess nodes that contain 23pcs thic is so rewarding because it doesn't show on the map, and also those nodes are not limited in 1 zone they spreaded you just need to find it places. meaning its more to gather before than now risking your life for a mere flat 30pcs node and respawn only at a certain time. no wonder item prices now so extreamly pricy. example T4 flat bearpaw price before is only around 40k-45k but now reaches 150k a fcking flat 4..

      in pve part solo dg is quite rewarding for a rng not splited that much. no corupted dg no upgraded mobs openworld, no ava road chests so the RNG runs only to solo dg, group dg, ava dg. it was fun roaming in bz collecting silver coz not so much cancer groups in BZ.. and there sometime you'll find 1v1 pvp in bz open world.

      i'm exited about the "lands of awakening" patch but i didn't expect it is the begining of hardship for solo roamer in bz. you maybe able to kill 3-4 people but in the end you'll die miserably to group. survive now you wont later. thats it thats the life now in bz. i really dont care dying but dying to groups that can't even fight back is not fun at all.
    • Nya1 wrote:

      It's a sandbox game, SBI gave you tools and you couldn't figure out a fun way to use them.

      This is just a lazy excuse. There's absolutely no good reason for the Outlands to just be a copy-pasta of the Royal continent. The amount of scaling used in this game is ridiculous. The game has been out for over 5 years.
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