Any chance for Katanas?

    • Any chance for Katanas?

      Don't be wrong, if i say swords in current state not actually good. Like for the what reason "q" stacks should be consumes by every "e". (exclude dual, yeah) It doesn't make sense, for me at least. But i and people like me still play on swords, cause swords looks cool and.. you know, katanas also look very cool, and i really wanna see katanas in albion. So my question is, any chance for Katanas?
    • Zero chance. Albion is based on the Arthurian legend. You know, ARTHUR's Rest? The Morgana faction? The entire aesthetic of the game?
      Also 99% of sword players use it because Claymore is incredibly overtuned in Corrupteds and 2v2. Infinite resets and therefore infinite prestacking in CRDs meaning only they can choose whether to engage or disengage, and when they engage you're getting nuked for 40% of your HP and they WILL stick to you if the situation is advantageous for them, if not they can run away just as fast as they engaged you. And they can do that however many times they want. It's boring to even watch a sword player do that shit.
    • mklzer0 wrote:

      The entire aesthetic of the game?
      And war gloves looks fine in that aesthetic?
      I mean, it's not that bad, if we have more options to play with. Some eastern things in the game would be nice, i guess.

      mklzer0 wrote:

      Also 99% of sword players use it because Claymore is incredibly overtuned in Corrupteds and 2v2
      It's true. But in entire sword tree we have only two (3) (Claymore/Kingmaker and in some rare cases Carving sword) of that people really use in activities.
      Any reason why "E" on one hand curse have more damage than "E" on broadsword? Yeah, u can interrupt cast by it, but range of that "E" it's a joke, especial if we talking about some ping difference, and another thing, you can push away sword users whenever they leaping by "E" on broadsword or dual. (exclude Claymore).

      Don't be wrong, balance team in Albion way more better than in other projects, but for me swords it's something special. And when i look at current swords "meta", it makes me fell sad.
      Katanas can give more attention for swords generally, and that why i asked that.
      Don't want to offend anyone.
    • Asia Online

      let's turn everything ever into the same content in eastern mmos they left to begin with ;)

      u have demonfang
      you have skins
      once you have the katanas you wont stop until its a one shot op

      games dead?

      no worries, we will go to the next MMO and turn it to shit as well

      Katanas might be the true wow killer
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