Nerf miner boots before the mists come out.

    • Nerf miner boots before the mists come out.

      These boots already ruin several areas of content. Entire parties faction flagging RZ wearing these boots so they can cap outposts safely and run away the moment someone tries to challenge them. Inb4 "They are weak to purge!". These boots reward this annoying rat playstyle that shouldn't exist if you want the mists to be risk/reward. Nerf Shoes of Tenacity while you're at it. Get these static rats that serve no purpose but to annoy the crap out of everyone out of the game.

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    • Honestly when I see someone with miner boots, I know it's a free win. Just purge it and your opponent will stay silenced + have a very long cooldown,
      If you don't have purge, you can bait them by kiting in early fight : If they try to follow and use their boots, you can also kill them easily.
      It's usable for ratting yes, but it has to be usable for something right ? And even there, if you cross a foe during your run they can kill you easily. It's definitely not overpowered.
      Shoes of tenacity have indeed a very short cooldown which make it be a bit overtuned I think.

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    • Quagga wrote:

      T4 ox BL mage cowl miner boots gameplay incoming.
      I hope there will be some restrictions on mounts. Battle mounts, ox, even armored horse, grizzly, bear etc will be broken in the mists.
      I did read something about mounts but can't remember what it was about. Maybe mount health / armor cap ?

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