Simple solution vs 99% AFK players in arena

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    • Simple solution vs 99% AFK players in arena

      Sometimes people can have connection issues and stuff as that. But I think 99% of AFK people in arena just AFK farm expirience books. They get reward even for losing, so they stay AFK and farm.

      Simple solution: remove reward on arena for losing with 0 rating. If player has 1 rating or more, he will still recieve reward for losing. But for keep rating above 0, you need to win arena and not stay in AFK.

      Thank you.
    • heh same shit in every game, casuals who don't give a shit about their teammates just enjoy brainless pvp....

      you can't do anything about it, after all this is a sandbox not some LOL or other shit, this ranking is irrelevant non cares that you are wood 14 or crystal 1

      I myself sometimes go afk if I see that I have 10m total fame 0 kills 0 pvp fame roleplayers who have no idea what is going on.... I have no fun playing with them and for me it's better to afk and waste less time than to play with no fun and waste 5min more.

      imo queue should be dependent on the amount of time in the game, I dont see the point of ingame time 1 year with 2 week player...

      Kotikozavr1 wrote:

      Maybe you dont know how arena rewards work. They get reward even for losing with 0 rating. So you dont need to win now to get reward and its enough to stay AFK to farm now.
      this is stupid lol so SBI gives rewards to casuals for free :D amazing

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