Too Much Silver in Game

    • Testserver Patch Notes - Into the Fray Patch 6


      Economy Adjustments

      Recent updates and patches have substantially increased the amount of Silver generated by Albion’s economy each day. This led to a substantial increase of the in-game price of Gold and Premium.
      Our economic modeling shows that this increase will continue unless we rebalance the Silver economy in such a way that sinks and faucets are brought back to a balanced state. Hence, we have implemented the following changes:
      • Increased Silver sinks, and reduced Silver faucets, by around 10% across the board
      • Increased market order setup fee and sales fee by by one percentage point (two for non-Premium characters)
    • True! By making it harder to get silver they reduce silver cost of gold, and this will make premium cheaper as premium always costs 3000 gold. but than what's the difference between having to pay 10.5 mill with easy silver or paying 9 million with hard silver? The effort balances out and remains the same! I thought devs were concerned with how easy or hard it is to get premium? Or is it just the monetary figure they are concerned with?
    • Drunkhog:
      > but than what's the difference between having to pay 10.5 mill with easy silver or paying 9 million with hard silver?

      The price itself isn't the problem they want to address with these changes, but the price change.

      It's all about inflation.

      If more silver is entering the game than there is silver exiting the game, you get inflation of silver.

      It's not a huge difference if something is worth 9 or 10.5 million, it's only a 17% difference. But, for example if something for is worth 17% more than last month each month because of more silver is entering the game than leaving it, that item worth 10.5 million silver may will be worth 10.5*1.17^12 = 69 million silver next year. In other words, you'll need 7 times more silver to buy the same things. And it's 7 times easier to buy things with silver.

      While the economy will probably keep functioning (people simply adjust their prices), such inflation has several negative effects that I can think of:

      1. Many silver rewards are static defined numbers. Pouches containing 1000 silver will next year not reward 7000, but still only reward 1000 silver, which is worth 7 times less than it is today. Drops that you can sell for 25000 silver will be worth much less when that amount of silver allows you to buy much less on the market. Vendors selling seeds for a fixed price set an upper boundary at the price increase of those seeds, making farming worth less because no one will buy your seeds for more than they can get them for at a vendor...

      2. You have a bunch of silver now, take a break, come back to see that your pile of silver is worth 7 times less than before.

      And there will likely be more problems as result of inflation that I as new player in this game do not yet see.

      A simple solution to avoid those problems caused by inflation is to make sure that an equal amount of silver enters and exits the game, which is what they did.

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    • Another Issue with the inflation is that it undermine the grind. If its too easy to make those hundreds of millions of silver getting to full 120/all become realistic in a much shorter time frame. SBI would be forced to raise level to 140 or make tier 9 to keep the grind up because people who got everything tend to leave out of boredom.

      Controlling the right amount of silver ingame is controlling the average progress , there will always people who thrive and accomplish things much faster than anyone else and people who will struggle harder than the average person but overall less silver = slower progress. Its important to find the right balance
    • People leaving the game after getting 120 everything reduces the net amount of silver, or at least, the amount of silver in circulation (unless they rage quit). But I don't think SBI wants people to leave the game and may again expand the levels or introduce level 9 stuff, as you said. The new announcement of the mists said there is new equipment craftable from drops there, so that may provide an incentive for some to stay.

      From my perspective, there are several levels of wealth in this game:
      1. People just starting, wanting to afford the gear they have, and will get, and are building a stake for an island or to have enough to risk the red or black zones. They think of their bank account in terms of tens or hundreds of thousands, or the low millions.
      2. People who are trying to make enough to get premium with silver (first by the month, then three month, then six month, then by the year). This group is measuring their bank account in the tens or low hundreds of millions and are doing ratios of how much must be earned per day to afford everything.
      3. People who are in higher end guilds buying their own premium, but also paying for regears, guild headquarters, outposts, crafting stations for a guild, controlling zones, and maybe crafting stations in cities. This group is measuring their bank account in the hundreds of or billions of silver. I don't have the experience of being there, so I don't know how they run their economy, but the increase cost of premium only hits them if they need premium for multiple characters. This group might even break itself down more levels than this, but I think of them as "players much richer than me".
      4. (There may also be a group of people in group 3 who achieve it buy buying a lot of gold from SBI, which is fine--because they paying the bills and keeping the game free for me. (I bought a starter package for each of my two alts, so they could afford to build islands for my main to use, and I was glad to support the game that way.)

      I think only people in group 1 and 2 are affected by the higher silver cost to renew, but I don't know what proportion of people are in these categories. I am solidly in group two, trying to buy premium 180 days at a time, and considering buying premium for one alt off and on. But I don't think we are the ones who are gaining from the increased amount of silver, and we are bearing the increased cost of premium. But I could be incorrect, if the increased silver is coming from completing the adventurer's, faction, and conqueror's challenges. As of this writing, one month of premium still costs around 10,500 silver. The people in group 3 are the only ones who have the spare resources to speculate on gold and drive the prices up and down, so I don't know if the changes the devs made are affecting the economy the way they hoped it will.

      Reducing the income of people in groups 1 and 2, who rely on those sources of silver that are drying up and selling things at the market, while the costs for premium stay increased may mean the devs missed their target.