Faction warfare fixes desperately needed still

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    • Faction warfare fixes desperately needed still

      • Love most of the QOL updates for patch 6, but I and most of the FW community beg of you to please remove how static dungeons interact with the FW map allowing players to skip over enemies to rat cap outpost and run away.

        -Old style: was you could only capture zones that were neighboring each other, had the opportunity to stall the enemy and force fights to break out on the borders during Bandit assault.
        -Current style: is the static gates that are spread out onto the adjacent maps allow players to skip to maps that have entrances connected to that map and if their are multiple static dungeons in one map each one is connected.
        -Example: If you capture Deadvein Gully, you can then go to Broken fell and capture it because Shiftshadow has a static connection with both maps.
        Broken fell on the other hand has not only the Shift Shadow connection but also is connected to Garrow fell, Runnel Sink, Mardale & Stumprot swamp. Because of this Players can abuse small groups focus firing the boss and capture outpost with no contest and use miner boots to run and mount.

        Because of this a lot of players have been getting burnt out over how horrible bandits can be and are starting to choose to not participate in the event and just fight or not go all together. Its pretty disappointing as the Bridgewatch community leader to see this happen since the Static Dungeon update. We mentioned it in a post in the past but no word has come in any regards to this problem

        Side note, please make having a gathering tool equipped the requirement to use the 3rd ability on gathering gear. Help the community combat ratting just a little bit we beg of you

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    • Cl player user their brain because we already know that other sidecity always capping after the bandit with t2 to t4 blob tell me how can CL party fight t2 or more blob just to take the OP unless developer change it to when other city flag party enter red zone can kill each other just like Caerleon limit into 20 party only :D btw side city always abuse the static dungeon bug not the RATPLAYER with miner boots it's called " STRATEGY" use your brain KO
    • Most people would understand your frustrations without doing the content. However SBI has a trend of "abandoning" content once it reaches a mature state, with fixes only when things are broken or over-tuned.

      Personally I want them to focus on the Mists and getting that released before the end of year, rather than revamp the Royals Map and interactions with Faction Warfare.
    • Fuhcew2 wrote:

      Reblu wrote:

      imagine capping when u can go fighting
      honestly they need to reward you MORE for fighting as opposed to just capping. The current capping system could use some slight tweaking but faction ratting is popular because why fight? You get rewarded for capping and avoiding conflict
      To Reblu, I'd like a middle ground and fankly Fuhcew2's comment covered briefly some things I wanted to say. Capping is more rewarding so to myself who isn't exactly rich, I like content that gives me more stuff, capping tends to be that for me, but content-wise I really want to fight. The problem is with current faction warfare, capping is can tend to be more profitable, so tons of people engage in capping content and avoid any fights. If static connections didn't exist, there would be less surface for a defending faction to protect, you'd usually have travel fewer zones to defend when a different zone is being attacked.

      More fights would occur if there were fewer zones the enemies could target, isn't it supposed to be faction warfare? It doesn't feel like the enemy is attacking your front lines when static connections allow them to explicitly avoid the army that is actually on the battlefield so easily.
    • i think it’s in a fine state. you mention your comments went unadressed as if the devs are there to cater to your whim or something. not allowing people to use escape boots without having a gathering tool equipped would completely eliminate peoples (including gatherers)abilities to escape gank squads of 1400 ip players with battle bracers, blood letters and bear paws. ridiculous suggestion. “ratting” is just strategy, and it’s not like it’s somehow uncombattable or there aren’t plenty of fights going on during faction warfare. this would also pretty much screw over caerleon as being hostile to one another and not being able to participate in bandits, outpost capping and then fighting one another + other factions lurking the red zones during bandits is all we can do. if your cities don’t want to participate in bandits that’s on you. CL being the type of faction that it is (bandit FFA style faction) would stand no chance against the giant blobs your cities run through with if you completely removed the ability to escape. bear rats, scouts, etc are your factions counter strats to us. it’s annoying hearing people use the word “fix” all the time because content doesn’t 100% adhere to their play style, therefore it must be broken
    • FW should be a place where people can fight in a less tryhard environment, there is no point in just to go there, try to cap and then run away, you can do it on yellow zone. With 200k silver and good specs you can gear up and go fight and have fun, those rat meta is pure cancer in every aspect of the game.
    • SIDE CITY specially Bridgewatch is always abusing faction warfare they have t3 to t4 blob even is not bandit is unfair for CL group to do outpost. they are like bz doing handholding lol try to make 20ppl only to get the outpost or Die with same flag if in red zone like CL flag
    • CELOhimself wrote:

      FW should be a place where people can fight in a less tryhard environment, there is no point in just to go there, try to cap and then run away, you can do it on yellow zone. With 200k silver and good specs you can gear up and go fight and have fun, those rat meta is pure cancer in every aspect of the game.
      it is already like this in yz. there is a point in capping and running, it's for the points which translate to silver and fame. with them making silver much harder to obtain, points are gonna be the way to go. its still a game of cat and mouse and you can and still will fight. people will complain about anything and then actually call for invaluabel skills like miner's run to be removed lmao