Into the Fray Patch 6 is Live!

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    • Into the Fray Patch 6 is Live!

      Into the Fray Patch 6 is here! This patch brings Japanese and Italian language support, as well as introducing a brand-new Guild Finder and some important changes for Season 17.

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    • Love most of the QOL updates but I and most of the FW community beg of you to please remove how static dungeons interact with the FW map allowing players to skip over enemies to rat cap outpost and run away.

      Old style was you could only capture zones that were neighboring each other, had the opportunity to stall the enemy and force fights to break out on the borders during Bandit assault.
      Current is the static gates that are spread out onto the adjacent maps allow players to skip to maps that have entrances connected to that map and if their are multiple static dungeons in one map each one is connected.
      Example If you capture Deadvein Gully, you can then go to Broken fell and capture it because Shiftshadow has a static connection with both maps.
      Broken fell on the other hand has no only the shift shadow connection but also is connected to Garrow fell, Runnel Sink, Mardale & Stumprot swamp. Because of this Players can abuse small groups focus firing the boss and capture outpost with no contest and use miner boots to run and mount.

      Because of this a lot of players have been getting burnt out over how horrible bandits can be and are starting to choose to not participate in the event and just fight or not go all together. Its pretty disappointing as the Bridgewatch community leader to see this happen since the Static Dungeon update. We mentioned it in a post in the past but no word has come in any regards to this problem

      Side note, please make having a gathering tool equipped the requirement to use the 3rd ability on gathering gear. Help the community combat ratting just a little bit we beg of you.

      Edit: made a separate post with same content.
      Faction warfare fixes desperately needed still

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