Getting ganked every time I log in is NOT FUN!!

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    • Saccavirano wrote:

      Lyferon wrote:

      try to not demand solo content in MMO (you are ruining the genre)
      MMO and hardcore pvp game.I would like to see the economy after removing every solo content.
      Btw I like the idea, gathering only from titans(80k+ hp), no gathering nodes/mobs,
      for crafting you need another players help
      (+1helper/item tier), no solo dungeons, every open world mob 30k+ hp, etc.
      It sounds fun.
      yea but if u remove solo content, then how are we gonna kill 20v1 that is sometimes fun too you know....
      so I think a little solo content must always be in game and they should have a reason to stay alone in black zones for us zergs to have some fun sometimes :D
      but orienting the game so that solo players can roam safely and do their business everywhere they want, will effect MMO aspect of this game alot. there just will be less reasons to join a clan or an alliance
    • BluesJD wrote:

      xBloodshed wrote:

      BluesJD wrote:

      xBloodshed wrote:

      >plays mmo solo
      >plays mmo known for FULL LOOT PVP
      >complains about getting ganked

      u can do corrupted if you want a fair fight.
      if u dont want to pvp then why play albion? play animal crossing. u can fish, build a house etc.
      So your point is, get a group or leave the game? Are you from SBI perhaps?I play Albion because I like PvP. But the concept of PvP is player vs player not blob vs player. If Black Zone can not offer a fair PvP enviroment then perhaps you guys should stop claiming this game is switable for solo players.
      Trying to look tough wont solve the issue (nice try tho) ...Quiting the game is not the solution but thanks anyway.
      well its literally a skill issue. a lot of albion streamers play solo. they are fine. and not only the CD ones. equart plays open world solo. did he have to die a lot to learn the game? yes and now he profits from it. there are SO many mmorpg's that dont have full loot drop. if you dont like the pvp of albion, then simply pick a game you like. soon is mist update, but you will probably complain they have higher IP. What solution do you expect, that SBI changes the whole core of the game? leyvi, equart and many others play solo in the black zone. you probably pick the most populated gate and have 0 awareness. you like PVP? well this update today is for you. you can do a corrupted dungeon and go next right after killing your enemy. its literally 1 on 1 and u get all his loot + chests. go ahead and get millions, or maybe you're just not good at pvp?
      According to you, my problem is that I still dont have the skill to solo handle an entire blob of gankers chasing me like you claim I should. And that if I like PvP I should be able to solo handle them, kill them and get all their loot, just like a streamer... Dude you really need to start playing Albion instead of watching 8 hours of stream to claim skins.

      I like PvP and I admit I am not good at PvP and I dont see any issue with that honestly... I mean, most Albion players like PvP and few of them suck at it but they still like the game right? As I said, quiting the game is not a solution... You just dont quit everytime you get frustrated, at least that is not me.

      If a streamer in 8.3 - 8.1 gear is able to kill a 10 people party roaming open world that does not mean everyone should be able to achive that in order to play Albion or be good at PvP..I is your point? If that were the case then Albion community would be less than 10 people
      "Dude you really need to start playing Albion instead of watching 8 hours of stream to claim skins." its funny you say that when you're the one crying about the game. I play solo myself. stop making straw man arguments. I never said you had to kill anyone, I never said you had to use 8.3. I never said you had to kill 10 people. I said you can play solo. many people play this game solo, that you dont know how to play is your problem. you learn how to avoid groups and certain areas. thats albion. if you dont like that, dont play albion. also getting a weapon to tier 8 is easily possible in a couple of days depending how much you play. so yes maybe you do need tier 8 gear for END GAME content. grind like everyone else did. its so easy now, mobs give 10K fame with satchel. you think albion will remove party from the game or something? you ask stupid questions you get stupid answers. you want fair pvp? mists soon and corrupted dungeon. or dive solo dungeons. thats your answer. mmo's are group based, albion even more so because you lose your gear. thats albion. if you dont like it, then dont play albion. play an mmo where you dont lose your gear. or just join a guild and chill with a small party.