Fps drops and annoying things from the mobile version

    • Fps drops and annoying things from the mobile version

      I have a Samsung galaxy S10e and there are times when the game goes too well but out of nowhere my fps drops to 0, for example when I'm in faction before the clap everything freezes like this out of nowhere and it's something that bothers, another thing that bothers in that cell phone you can't see all the players because when there are too many the characters turn yellow and you don't know who the enemy is enemy or ally, since the life bar of the others does not appear, they should put an option to be able to remove that annoying thing that bothers a lot in zvz and in contents like that they should also shorten the loading screen because there are players who use other services to play the game example: Gforce Now that vs mobile is an abuse cross the map too fast they should To give us a little help to the mobile ones against the PC ones :/
    • I doubt they'll solve the problem...technically it's already part of the game, think of it as a mechanic. The game has that problem since they released the mobile version..

      the mobile version has a lot of bugs

      audio error (sometimes the audio sounds slower)...
      the game freezes and even freezes when loading a new map...
      spell cast error (if you select the spell and want to quickly adjust the spell's trajectory, it may happen that the spell gets stuck in the set direction with no possibility to change the trajectory and the cancel spell button disappears)...
      when doing zooming in on the map right at the exact moment you switch zones, makes the entire game interface crash and unresponsive (you have to close the game to go back to normal)
    • Yea. I am currently using iPad Pro and I get freezes and lags all time during medium-large scale fights. Combined with the fact that you can’t really tell the difference between allies and enemies when they are turned yellow, it’s very often a frustrating experience.

      I feel like they kind of abandoned mobile optimization for now, bc there are still at least two or three other major problems that need to be fixed asap and me and others spoke out about this many times already:

      - The FOV/zoom out is much smaller on devices/monitors with non-wide screen ratios, like iPad for example. Very unfair and problematic in a game like this, pls fix by giving the option to play in letterbox mode to simulate widescreen!

      - Many abilities that require more precise aiming (bear paws e, cursed skull e, etc.) are very clunky/frustrating to use on touchscreen, major disadvantages!

      - Support for Bluetooth mouse+keyboard on mobile devices NEEDS optimization, would be a good way to circumvent the above problems, but does not really work well, even more clunky and frustrating to use than touchscreen.

      I really hope they read those things and put them on a list, I love the game but I can‘t really play on my PC behause I am on the move most of the time. These fixes are desperately needed to fully enjoy the game imho.