Do you always kill other players in BZ?

    • Do you always kill other players in BZ?

      Whenever I go to the BZ, I never kill any player. I mind my own business. Unless you try to kill me I wont fight you ( this leads to many loses to me because they engage me and I may have some skills on CD and stuff ).
      When I see a low player fightint a mob I often dismount to kill the mob ( the players runs in Fear lol but I dont kill him ), but when I am low and someone appears he just keep watching until I get really low and then he kills me xD I deserve it I guess
      Bro I even died once trying to kill a ganker, the victim left me behind and the ganker killed me xd.
    • Only if I catch someone very low on a boss or I don't mind dieing at the moment.

      Those "solos" are usually in a party or in their guilds HQ zone or both. I'm not getting baited this easily anymore.
      99% of the time backup arrives the moment I have Outlaw status.

      There are no solo players in the blackzones.
    • Chillspike wrote:

      Embelia wrote:

      There are no solo players in the blackzones.
      Then what am i doing alone in the BZ?
      Wasting time riding your mount away from crowded zones. Getting chased by groups. Not having a hideout to set home to and cap cores. Not having backup when someone attacks you. Getting barely any progress on your Conquerors Challenge. Wasting all the Might you earn.

      You are better off playing faction flagged on the Royal Continent as a solo. It's honestly a lot more fun. Guilds don't go there because you can't earn Might there. You get a lot more solo pvp.
    • You assume too much.

      1 - you assume no solo happens in BZ which is a massively uneducated statement.
      2 - you assume I am someone who doesn’t know how to navigate BZ despite having done so ever since I hit T4 and that my specced weapons did not come from solo BZ work.
      3 - you assume that, with your last statement, there is no fun to be had in the BZ which is quite the opposite.

      There are proper maps and places in the BZ in certain timezones where you can operate fairly safe for extended periods of time.
      You CAN be there solo, fame farm, do dungeons and open world and see other solo players.

      With your assumption I wonder how much time you actually spend in the BZ because most the claims you make are just flat out false.
      Especially considering I see plenty folks during my sessions mounting and running off in IP ranges of 800-1100 IP.

      sure FW is fun, i give you that, but if I want progress with Fame or just actual excitement, its all BZ and RedZ for me.
      BZ life best life.
    • I'm actually a BZ solo player too. :) But I must agree with most of the thing Embelia pointed out, even if with some rudeness: RZ looks actually more fun to me, having the red players counter and also friendly players riding around better represents how could be a medieval adventure in wilderness, you could find dangerous bandits but even good hearted companions...BZ seems is a land of bandits and no others, every person there would kill you if they can, not so much realistic...!

      But I need T7 resources now, so I'm taking occasionally some journeys in the Outlands, while fighting with other factions on the Royal Continent.
    • I liked being a player running around red zone as a blue, and just hunting down and killing all red players, one time I hit huge profit from a bloodletter guy, and got something like 1.6 mil, crowning jewel was a excellent quality moose and a masterpiece bloodletter.

      Right now I don’t play Albion Online mainly because my mobile device is needless to say garbage at handling Albion, but I’m just waiting for the console expansion so I can hop onto my Nintendo Switch, download Albion Online, and then get straight into some more PvP, or just grinding solo dungeons in BZ to get some funding to get back into red zone.
    • rakhulwen wrote:

      Do you always kill other players in BZ?
      Yes absolutely.
      If someone is fighting a mob, I will try to kill them. Especially if it is an enchanted mob and I want it for myself.
      If two people are fighting each other, I will try to kill them both.
      If someone goes into a dungeon, I will follow them in and try to kill them,

      If it is a large group I will try to avoid them (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) but if it is one or two people. Sometimes even 3 if I am feeling strong, I am fighting.

      A nice trick I like to do when someone is fighting a mob, and they have their mount ready right next to them, run up to them still on your mount, and wait for them to do any kind of AOE so it hits you also. Then they CAN'T mount. Then you dismount about a meter away from them and go in for the fight. But yeah, Red is Dead as was stated already.... Or in the case of the Black Zone, Orange is Dead. (there is literally no word in the English language that rhymes with Orange, so can't make a clever rhyme for that).