Hi! Meet your new Community Manager

    • Hi! Meet your new Community Manager

      Hii everyone!

      Thank you for clicking on my post!
      I am happy to announce that today, on the 1 year anniversary of Nesnes as your Community Manager, I will be joining the Community Manager team!

      A little about me:
      My passion for games has started from a young age with games such as Pokemon. As I grew up, I began playing shooters and MMORPGs such as Albion Online!
      During my time playing Albion Online, I found myself interested in the PvP features that the game offers.
      Additionally, in my free time I enjoy digital art, going to the gym, and of course playing games!

      What will I bring to the table?
      We, at SBI know that there is still a lot of work to do to create a better player experience for you, the community.
      In the upcoming months, I will be working closely together with Nesnes to improve your experience as a player.
      I hope to create a better environment and experience for all.

      What can you do for me/ us?
      Please, feel free to leave a comment down below what feature/problem you think needs to be changed and/or addressed.
      If possible, please include an explanation of the problem and maybe even solutions that you as a player can think of!
      I will make sure to read all of your replies!

      Please feel free to reach out by Forum DM or Discord (Emii#2462) <3


      Discord: Emii#2462
    • We would love to hear from SBI more...pictures of updates, artwork, a "what we have accomplished section", etc. There's a large swath of the community that hears nothing. Communication seems limited to the Round Table and the feedback/suggestion teams. Like the last thing we heard from Robin Henkys had covid....be nice to know if he's alright.
      Thank you.
    • Welcome! Hopefully with extra help more things can be addressed in a timely manner! My suggestion: The amount of creators that have been gatekept from the creator program is high. I think it needs to be addressed that isolating smaller streamers by them not having drops **only makes it harder** to actually get viewers. As it stands many viewers only have twitch open for the drops so retaining viewership without drops means a lot more than with drops. Please expand the program to include more creators. The original application and forum post explicitly stated that the size of the streamer did not matter. I do not feel the current program keeps with the original goal for creators. On the other hand I would say the drops are a huge success for getting more viewers but those viewers are only watching channels with drops isolating anyone who doesn't have them!

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    • Welcome. i think that we really need a power core system for roads. it was promised to us when the bz cores was released and me and a lot of other people are still waiting. roads are the ONLY open world small scale in the game but it is dead because bz gives better everything. I think its fair to finally give some love to the roads!
    • Hello there,

      I'm a ganker most of the time and I think ganking should be reworked.

      1. Gank in redzone is very frustrating both for transports and for gankers. What I suggest first is a change to reputation system. One kill should not be a 1k reputation loss. Because it doesn't change the fact that we kill transports, but it changes the fact that we can't fight back when blues in 4.1 try to kill us.
      So reducing the reputation loss to 500 or even 200 per kill would just make gankers able to fight back.
      As for transporters, the issue is that only bad players / ones that don't pay much attention are dying. So maybe it maybe having the system that gives back a part of the items lost when you're a new player would help. Like getting items back into your bank directly (duplicating them so gankers can still loot) and make it so that over a certain amount of silver in market value, it doesn't work, so players won't use alts to carry valuable stuff.

      2. Ava roads are completely broken and very unfair.
      Basically, if you broke ToS and use a scout, you basically cannot die. But if you doesn't pay attention or you're a noob, you gonna die 100% because it's very hard to escape even a bad team in ava roads.
      And ava roads are too easy for rich players that are securing roads then using mammoth. This is broken and damaging the economy.
      My opinion on this is to basically remove ava roads as a mean of transports (and also change the content inside because it is very bad right now) and so inner circle crafters will have to walk in the blackzone as it should have been the case from the start. Now it will be very risky to travel with 1B of ressources on a mammoth.
    • Is there some way that the resource spawns could be spread out over the day instead of everything at server restart? This only benefits a small number of players and the rest of us have to do multiple circuits of multiple zones to get what the people who can be online right after the server restarts get.
    • DaLi wrote:

      Welcome Emii.

      We need a fix of servers or routes to them. Recently, very often there has been a loss of packets or a drop from the game. Ideally, move the servers to Europe (of course we know that this will not happen)
      I agree with this. I think it's about time to add more server; one that will be between Europe and Asia. Many players, especially from Asia, are quitting the game due to very high ping.
    • review the use of demolition hammers, currently its use is to knock down HO and knock down castle doors, it is no longer used as before since the outposts do not have a door.

      review the content since the big alliances keep taking all the content and leaving out the small guilds, the last update improved the outposts but I limit the guilds a lot small guilds

      improve the minimap, although in the last patches they fixed that the icons or markers that you assign to a player no longer disappear, he still needs a lot to be able to visualize and identify your group more, for example;
      1) have more icons or assign more players an icon
      2) add more colors for your group, like the group owner is a blue dot, add colors like Red for DPS, Green for healers, purple for supports, etc.

      and something that I think they should add in the history of kills or deaths is to be able to identify if the player used the bottled energies, since only the total IP is shown and the use is unknown of bottled energies.

      gracias y felicitaciones
    • Welcome,

      1. NesNes mentioned she'd make a new Round Table thread, after locking the old one a handful of months ago.

      2. More updates on the public NDA Balance Test thread, they used to be edited every two weeks, then a new post every two months, and the latest NDA change was only posted well after the patch going live.

      3. Remaining Legacy Weapon-line Rework Timeline - Holy/Nature/Fire/Curse/Frost/Arcane all got massive reworks & much needed quality of life changes to put them back into line. When can we expect a rough order of which remaining weapons will be reworked next?