Spear buffs

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    • Spear buffs

      Currently the spear Q does as much dmg as s word Q combined with autoes in between without taking in consideration other abilities.

      The diffrence is Swords also have movement speed+ mobility of their Q es which makes them way better and they have bigger potention in every type of content compared to the spears.... sooo my question why from 40% buff on the Q it is now 28%? Just because of trinity? might as well nerf trinity to the ground rather than destroy the entire tree and make it a worst variant of swords literally there is no reason to bring a spear in any group except ZVZ,( spirit hunter) the Q is bad now, it requires good animation canceling and doesn't do that much dmg compare to what other melee trees do. my sugestion is to buff the Q passive and revert it back to 30%+ at least if not to what it was before.

      The weapon tree feels lacking, glaive is bad, pike is only one shot and there are better options, 1h is decent but it is overshaded by broken bearpaws the gloves, and the others are just mediocre at best. Please help the spears they are so fun and actually require a bit of brain to play compared to other melee options but they are just so unmeta right now,swift them at least towards more group content for 2 years i havent see a spear being played in small scale they literally suck at that, mediocre dmg, mediocre utility, while a god damn king maker presses E and one shots your cloths.

      If you want to balance the weapon tree nerf trinity for the corrupted and buff the other aspects like the Q or some W, make them good again thank you.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      1h spear is pretty strong in smallscale/ow fights

      heron pairs well with soldier armor for fighting gankers and other outnumbered fights
      Which universe are you living in? Any meta-follower groups don't use the spear except Spirithunter. Rest of all, trash rn in the game. And are you serious about Heron Spear? I bet on the live server even 10 people don't use it at the moment lol. Please...

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    • Still the others are really mediocre compared to what melees bring to the table, pike, glaive, heron is kinda garbage, trinity only good for 1 v 1 es as a god damn relic weapon and daybreaker is good but inconsistent cant they work on them? no one plays these on group pvp man except spirit hunter in zvz or open world 1h
    • tbh one handed spear is not rlly that good anymore with the 36% nerf on basic. plus the E is pretty useless for damage evn at 3 stack the damage is garbage. the passives on spear tree is rlly bad. the E is only good for mobility at this point. but comparing it to sword like the carving sword.. the sword tree is just way better. and considering how op the glove tree is plus the amount of different abilities and passives makes it hella op. they need to somehow make other melee weapon tree lines more competitive with better passives more Q abilities etc. like sword spear and cb doesnt have a 3rd Q
    • Spears still alive because they has counterplay at W row and some kind of mobility. And this is most fully revealed in the CDs. In otherwise spears is full shit. They don`t have impact like axes, sowrds and for now mages and looks sad in OW.

      Spear is weapon for 1vs1 fights and that his a main problem.

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    • Please people who agree with me like the post so they see interest. Clarent and dual swords got reworks and buffs, 1h axe as well, bearpaws buffs, greataxe rework, infernal scythe buff. The only spear update was the spirit hunter rework in a very long while.

      If the developers would actually put interest in spears more they would be way more liked by the player base I know they don't care that much because not a lot of people enjoy the tree compared to sword and axes. But it would be very very very healthy for the game to have more diversity and viability, just buff the E es, and make the Q stronger it should be able to win trades not only with the kitting but in long fights and it doesn't cause the passives are shit. Think about it thanks.
    • AleskioSs wrote:

      Clarent and dual swords got reworks and buffs, 1h axe as well, bearpaws buffs, greataxe rework, infernal scythe buff.
      Ironically only bear paws turned out to be well. Dual swords are still a meme weapon, clarent was advertised as the best solo pve sword and now is nowhere seen. Battleaxe and greataxa performed so well they were destroyed by subsequent nerfs, and infernal scythe is a worse bloodletter.

      But yeah, spears are not in a great place. Only one spear is really played in groups, and for solo OW there are better options than 1h spear now. All while people think that spears are strong, because couple 8.3 spear mains perform well in CDs
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      1h spear is pretty strong in smallscale/ow fights

      heron pairs well with soldier armor for fighting gankers and other outnumbered fights
      You should play with those weaponsn before typing bull shit here

      1 handed spear is useless in small scale
      Fighting Heron spear with soldier armor on outnumbered fights it is useless as well. You wont have enough CC or damage to make the difference.
    • "In Thrust We Trust"
      Spears used to be able to apply good enough single target pressure in small groups that they saw some success; see old daybreaker-pike-glaive in the crystals. 2h spears were especially good because they applied consistent damage that made healers choose between keeping themselves topped off to avoid the burst damage glaive and pike were capable of. Cooldowns and certain values on glaive were nerfed and that was fine but because of trinity spear, the ONLY artifact 2h weapon was so powerful in 1v1s spears AA damage was crushed when the range of Spirit Spear was the root of the issue. Now the damage is so low that healers no longer feel that powerful single target pressure anymore. Not to mention that good single target damage is just useless in how smallscale up to ZvZs meta wise, its all about piercing and bombing 1 or more players.
      Buff Spears.
      Avid Handheld Gamer :love:
    • The_Support_God wrote:

      Ouch you got the support god treatment @Fusionbomb for no reason


      @Fusionbomb play 1h and heron quite abit as a ganker
      Spears are unmeta man, they have always been different, either meta with one shot pike which you don't see that weapon being played otherwise and good for 1 v 1 but in group fights they lack viability. Spirithunter needs setup, daybreaker is slow and you would better have more DMG than a purge just like realmbreaker or kingmaker, heron is complete dog for most activities, long cooldown, low DMG, low utility, glaive is Garbo even in 5 es there are better picks, 1h is ok for open world and CD but more for the dash than anything and trinity is a relic that is only good for cd which also not that meta anymore.