HCE for beginners, is it possible

    • HCE for beginners, is it possible

      I'm playing Alblion for a month and decided to try HCE as a tank.
      I don't have an experience in HCE.
      Since I have avg ip 1200+ I post a message in LFG chat few times.
      But as I understand, reviewing the LFG chat, it's not possible to find a party for 1st level HCE map. minimum that I've seen was 7.
      So maybe I don't know somthing, and there is other way to find a HCE group for me?
    • If I can finish level 1 easily it's great, and I just want to try.
      I'm Sorry, but question was about how to try, not how to learn.
      As I understand it's very hard to find a party if you're beginner and just want to try to go HCE.
      But resource that you provided is useful. Thanks a lot.

      Maybe I'll tr yand decide that it's not mine. It make no sense to learn for hours, then try 1 time and undertand that it's not interesting for you.
    • It's not hard to try. LFG is full of people asking to join or for people to join HCE runs. Just look for someone who is LFM for some low level maps (1-4) and go for it. Those you can just yolo. However, those are not representing how difficult things get later on. Specific builds are needed and I highly recommend you to start of as a light crossbow as that is the easiest one. 4.3 excellent and masterpiece gear will do fine till level 10 maps with some spec and knowledge. Your most important items are weapon, off hand and chest (in that order).

      Google HCE discord and join it.
    • HCE is a very meta driven activity. The higher level maps you do requires you to have the meta items and a community imposed entry IP. Failure to have either of these criteria relegates you to (a) lower level maps (b) kicked from party before start.

      You can buy a cheap HCE set that will do you fine for entry level maps. Look at the HCE discord and the designated meta builds and gameplay vods. A decent HCE group can basically do a map with their eyes closed because it is so well documented.

      The key thing to note with HCE is that it is not until Level 14+ that the fame actually is considered good. Anything below that you are better off farming BZ mobs. The real benefit of HCE is the ability to fame/generate fame credits in relative safety (ignoring the cost of repairs).

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    • Thanks all for the answers.
      Currently I'm trying to go HCE map 6-12.

      Some people tell me to try maps for beginners but It's almost impossible to find a group for 1-6 levels. No body's playing thoose maps.
      I've finished dozens of HCE and I never seen that somebody LFM map 1-5 in the LFG chat. Minimum is level 6. That's reality.
      And of course I failed a few expeditions in the begining. Beacause it's impossible to find a group just for training 1-3 level))))
    • I would advice HCEs with high ip, like 1700, lower ip is for group dungeons, solo dungeons, roaming open world mobs, avalonian road chests, u can do hces with lower ip but it's not fun imo, also tank is the hardest role for hce group (would advise playing other role first and getting familiar with every map pulls)