My story!!

    • Hello there, i'm Meno. I found about this game a long time ago(probably in 2018 or 2019), but never got to experience this game at that time. One day I was scrolling through internet to find an MMO to play. Stumbled across TheLazyPeon youtube channel where he was talking about Albion and I was like "hmmm, I should give it a try.".

      Later that day I started to play Albion, with excitement, logged into this game and maybe tutorial was boring, it gotten better afterwards. I remember exploring around the region of Martlock for huge amount of time, stumbled across the city to see so many people in it. I was even more excited. I remember making my first 50k silver and was like "damn i'm rich" and then proceeded to spend it all on better gear. Wasn't sad about it, they come and they go. Went to farm for more, killing monsters, discovering solo dungeons. Later on in the market got invited to the guild.

      In short, it was a guild called FSU CREW. Loved those people, started from literally 2-3 people, to the point that we started to go to group dungeons, learned how to play tank. Lurking around deep corners of Caerleon, running through red zones. Laughing a lot about "running it down" during the dungeon and then crying whenever we saw that we have to spend 50k on repairs. Good times. I hope they are doing alright. Awesome Guild Leader and the healer that they have. Sadly, as the time went on, I left the guild in silence, was inactive and was looking to be a bit of a solo player.

      Was forward, playing solo, clearing dungeons and making silver. Went from tank to DPS. I remember running around and killing some huge blue/gray wizards(it was anniversary event) which helped me to get back to Albion. Majority of people are cool I guess. Started doing Crystal Arena. Not knowing how to play, I won my very first match, but with time, I started to understand and look into this game a bit deeper and with less fear -> PvP content.

      I always hated this aspect of "dying and losing loot", but now, it's not that bad.

      Couple days ago, I stumbled upon this "post announcement" that a guild is searching for some members. I decided to shoot my shot. Shared food pictures, today got to talk and socialise with people, talking from farming, crops, mining, blacksmithing to Crystal Arena and just IRL stuff.

      As much as this saying can sound sarcastic, I love this game, let's you explore and learn about the game on your own tempo. I love my current guildmates and friends i socialise there with. My journey isn't over, I feel, that it is just the beginning.