Claymore players, I need your help

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    • Claymore players, I need your help

      So Im levelling claymore, mainly in CD's and Id say it's about 50/50 right now as to whether I win or lose.
      I just want to know some of your strats that help you win more times than not. I got absolutely wiped out by an arcane yesterday. Tried to get in close and build up q to hit a big E. So how would you approach a fight against melee DPS, ranged DPS, magic etc?
      Only running 4.2 builds right now because I'm not flush with silver (hence doing CDs), fiend cowl, soldier armor, assassin boots, Thetford cape, beef stew and resistance potion.
      Q1, W2, E1.
    • It is very simple.

      You start the fight prestacked, if u cannot start prestacked reset get full and try start prestacked.

      How do u get prestacked?

      First off if u clear your dungeon you just kill the slow mobs and the melee assassin. Make sure maximum of 1 mob stays alive and don't kill both.

      These mobs are your free charges, treat these well.

      Now if u look for your enemy you stay in range of these mobs, if u see the tag, run to the tag, use iron will and jump it prestacked - E.

      Now if u intrude, clear always around you similar as in your dungeon. Kill the slower, keep single mobs alive, don't kill mobs just circle around it till you see a tag..

      If it doesn't work that way, do one crystal and wait at the other prestack on it..

      If it doesn't come, kill the second crystal and wait on the third..people will come..

      By that u winrate will double..

      Just remember to reset in case u cannot start prestacked.

      Do NOT go on a cleared path, don't go in areas where u cannot gain stacks..