Hammers threatening smash threat buff not showing

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    • Hammers threatening smash threat buff not showing

      I already pointed that bug 2 months ago, but it hasn't been solved nor answered since then.
      Before the Into The Fray patch, when you cast the spell "Threatening Smash" Q spell with hammers, you get 3 red little lines/stripes above the mob you hit, (like when you cast taunt on a mob, the chest ability, or the concussive blow Q spell of quarterstaffs) and you also get a buff for 3 seconds that rise your threat level by 400%. Normally this buff appears as a violet sword icon buff (like the icon of the spell) in the buffs and debuffs bar below health and mana bars, but it doesn't appear anymore since months now.

      Is it intended to not appear ? Or is it a bug ? ?(