Albion makes me restart my PC

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    • Albion makes me restart my PC

      hi everyone,
      I played albion wiith my old pc for like 1 year, no problems and all was good.
      Now i got a new pc (3070 TI, ryzen 7 5800x), and every like 20 minuts, my pc restart.
      I try a lot of solutions but there is no way to fix this..
      Please help me.
      Thanks to all of you guys.
      • DxDiag.txt

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    • Hey there,

      Your DxDiag shows that you have a ryzen 5600 and a Rtx 2060..
      Are you sure this is not an old file?

      Can you provide us with your full Launcher.log and Player.log?
      Start your launcher, click on Settings. Then click on the Launcher Logs button which opens a folder where you should find a text file called "launcher" (log is the filetype). Then click on Game Logs which will open a folder where you find the Player.log file.

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    • Hey there,

      The Player and launcher logs show nothing to worry about.

      The issues with your PC have nothing to do with Albion Online. Your computer seems
      to have other major issues that cause restarts.

      Your DxDiag shows that Corsair iCue Software Crashes, Apex Legends crashes, Microsoft Edge Update crashes, etc., etc.

      This could be anything from overheating, conflicting drivers, hardware failure to power failure and so on and so on.

      This is way out of our area of responsibility, this section of the forum is about bugs in Albion Online.

      However I personally, would make sure:
      - my PSU (Power Supply Unit) has enough output (~750 Watts depending on the quality of the PSU) since the 3070 TI draws a lot of power
      - my CPU (Central Processing Unit) Cooler is big and performant enough
      - my case is ventilated sufficiently (especially during summer time)

      Then I would make sure every driver is up to date and windows updates are all done.

      I would also make sure whether my ram is actually compatible to run at it's specified speed in combination with my mainboard (compatability list)
      and activated XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) and run stuff like Memtest86 to check my ram for issues, or chkdsk /f to test my harddrive
      (in your case your M.2 NVMe ssd) for errors.
      And so on, and so on....

      But that is all just me and this is not the right place - fingers crossed though that you find a solution!

      These violent delights have violent ends...

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    • hi, you probably see this crash because my pc get restart, and all applications going down for that.
      i don't know, yestarday i was playing other games and nothing happened, playing albion make me restard pc every 10 minuts, i don't know..