Make Territories Great Again! *Radical Idea*

    • Make Territories Great Again! *Radical Idea*

      So Territories have lost a lot of their allure since the advent of HQ's and with Conqueror's Challenge - since guilds no longer need GvG teams to level them up, nor do they need to hold the territory to defend their hideouts with HQ's, or even need them to pump out passive season points.

      *These are all good things*

      However, capturing, holding, defending territories and their mages has seemed to go to the side in favor of the awesome open-world objectives that now drive the majority of content in the black zones.

      Again, this is all awesome. But what if it could be even more awesome?

      What if owning the territory and defending the mages encouraged even more content?

      Here's a few ideas how that is possible:

      1. Provide a passive bonus to players of the Territory owning guild for all Might/Favor gained in that zone, based on how many Siphoned Mages are alive respective to their territory level. Example: A level 1 Territory with 4 live Siphoned Mages provides a 1% bonus each to all Might & Favor activities in that zone for that guild, totaling 4%. If they were level 7, it would be 28% total bonus.
      2. Significantly increase the Siphoned Energy gained from mage raiding. Make it so when enemies come into a zone and see unguarded Siphoned Mages, that they are licking their chops as much as they would be staring down a high tier Crystal Spider, Large Chest, or Purple Core/Vortex etc.
      3. On top of that, make it where killing enemy Siphoned Mages transfers the passive buff for Might/Favor gain with a timer. Using the example from #1: killing a level 1 Territory Siphoned Mage grants a 1% buff to Might/Favor gain for 15 minutes, and so on depending on territory level.
      I feel these ideas would significantly increase the already growing about of activity in the Black Zones and would make attacking, or owning and defending Territories much more important to guilds and its players!
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    • I like the idea of a terri that needs to be cared for and given attention 24/7, not taken once and don't give a shit.

      I would go even further, if terri is not defended for x amount of time and does not generate mages that can hold terri, then terri becomes neutral and anyone can claim it.

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    • there have been talks and ideas thrown around because the idea of owning a high level terry or a terry in general is not giving any noticable benefit

      unlike HO cores which spawn more frequently their value is tied to crafting,fame buff, HQ invulnerability hence a guild wide effort benefits down to the very members themselves
      territory vortex which has a lower spawn rate does not provide much benefit at all to the individual players aside from might and favor

      and since owning a territory means needing to ZvZ, hence ZvZ for vortex the effort to ZvZ for a vortex which then get put into a territory but yield no visible benefits for the player themselves make it very underwhelming
      to top it off season rewards for the guild season are no longer solely tied to Guild rank but individual effort so the impact of vortex is just not there

      hence a full rework for territory is needed but some temporary measures can be put in place for next season to make it viable to push for high level territory
      territory chest which spawns in every CTA with Huge deposit of siphoned energy/loot based on territory level
      change passive buffs on territory to be more impactful based on level
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