immortal druid

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    • VseOtlichno wrote:

      We were 2 BP + holy. We had 2 purges, they hit them right in the timing of the living armor. For the 3rd living armor we didn't have a purge. 3 dots instantly restored him (bleed aa + bleed q3 + bleed e) to most of his health. We also gave a couple of extra hits. In the end, we lost. This ability should not last 4 seconds and have a 15 second cooldown.

      GN had a royal jacket.

      P.S. We fought against BP + GN
      Lost a 3v2? Post the clip please.
    • The_Support_God wrote:

      another reason why 8 players cannot kill 2 players despite numbers advantage is
      focus fire buff where you take less damage based on number of people hitting you on top of you using 8.3 against 5.1 and 5.2 players

      Trial_hard wrote:

      BECTH1K wrote:

      You understand that two against 8 to fight for 20 or more minutes and at the same time survive is strange. maybe a raid to collect with special equipment to kill two players? it's an imbalance when 2 players can withstand that amount of damage.
      one of 8 players "purge" and it is over in 20 secondsU cannot fix no knowledge and no skill
      this problem with g nature has always been there against players who dont know what they are facing against

      i have seen the videos you just heal to full cause some bolt caster E you or 7-8 players hit you with basic attack
      or the bleeds just heal you in general

      @Trial_hard and i have debated on power of G nature many times in the past and all it comes down to is knowledge difference
      every post case senario i would put out he would counter with a player with purge and proper knowledge not to hit the shield in 1v1 or HG 2v2
      or the large group would sync their E and just nuke the target in game modes like 5v5 HGОВосВ
    • Воспользовался вашими советами и решил освоить большой древесный посох. Теперь в снаряжении 5.1 занимаюсь дайвингов соло подземелье в и убиваю игроков в 7.2 снаряжении,8.0 снаряжении. Вчера я один в снаряжении 5.1 убил троих в соло данже в черных землях в снаряжении 6.1-8.0 и благополучно прошел их карту 8.2. Неплохо в снаряге за 170-200к убивать игроков суммарно одетых на 4м.Надеюсь однажды и вы мне попадетесь советчики^^
    • BECTH1K wrote:

      looking this and nerf druids please.
      you from 8.3 and they from 4.0, really for the 8.3 healer not to die for 4.0 people with weapons super strong builds such as bleeder with shield, pike with torch, wow, the healer is immortal, the tier difference isn't even that big, isn't it ? only 700 ip difference, they with 2000 health, you with 3500 really don't understand why you didn't die.
    • TBH Ive swapped to Great Nature from Fire as the Fire tree is dead and the Great nature does better damage and has incredible sustain.... it is virtually unkillable if you play properly. The most amazing thing is its a faster dungeon clearing weapon than great fire, with lower possibility of mishap. In open world it is devestating.... perhaps it's only draw back is lack of mobility, but hey, even fire suffers from that, and doesn't have any sustain at all.
      50%-1sec SLOW to 'BURNING FIELD' on hit.
    • In 2v2 if I fall against GNature it's free kill, if he uses the E you purge, if there's no purge you wait for the E to end and combo, nature only has the E for strong, without the E it can't even sustain life , that mediocre Q of his that heals 86 health per second in 2v2, while the holy heals 486 every 2s with just the Q, nature is weak the only good thing he has is E and they still want to take that away from him lmao, imagine now with 20% debuff, it will heal negative, the reality is that healers had to be buffed both holy and nature, healer has to be really strong, the fun of the game is to play healer and dps, but unfortunately the healers are getting more and more nerfed and the double dps are getting more and more buffed, sad.