gathering stone is still worth?

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    • gathering stone is still worth?

      i guess the subject is clear.. i'm a quarryman who is really frustrated because i found a full purple Tier 4 stone and what i get for find it... less than 50 silver coins per piece... :cursing:
      really!! a single t4 even t3 resource without rarity is even more expensive than T4 purple stone... just wondernig if albion is intented to give some value for stone, like a weapon/armor or so, i really wouldn't like to listen i spend lots of time gathering a resource which is not profitable :c

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    • From end game full T8 gather's perspective: Fiber > Hide > Wood > Stone > Ore.

      If you only gathering on royal, then: Hide > Fiber > Wood > Ore > Stone.

      If you only gathering in safe zones, then Wood is the only option. But you grind wood up not to chop wood, but those big rough logs tree. That's your only gathering option in safe zone that you can expect to get any silver from.

      My advice is start with either Hide or Fiber, then grind everything else just to get all the stuff in your gathering zone. So it's:
      • Hide -> Fiber -> Ore if you mainly gather in Steppe
      • Fiber -> Hide -> Wood if you mainly gather in Swamp
      • Hide -> Wood -> Stone if you mainly gather in Forrest
      • If you decided that you're gonna get them max all out anw, then go with Fiber > Hide > Wood > Stone > Ore.
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