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  • Looking for experienced Mobile players

    Hello Albion Community,

    We are looking for active mobile players to build a direct feedback channel with the developers.
    You will be able to give feedback in mobile-specific areas and help prioritize improvements to the core player experience with a focus on Controls & UI.

    Who we are looking for:
    • You are very experienced with the mobile version of Albion Online
    • You have good English communication skills
    • You are at least 18 years old
    • Preferred: You are available during EU time slots (starting ~18-19 UTC) to join the feedback rounds
    • You want to provide constructive feedback to help improve the mobile version of Albion Online!
    If you think this description fits you, send LoneQuokii a PM via the forum with the following content:
    • Your in game name
    • Your Discord ID
    • A short introduction text about you: What your experiences and your role in the game has been so far
    • Rough estimate of how much experience you have with the mobile version of Albion Online
    Furthermore we’d like to hear feedback from all mobile players on the current mobile experience, whether you are interested in joining this focus group or not.
    Public Survey - Click here