stagnant economy

    • stagnant economy

      game needs more silver dump targeted at gear and not just arbitrary "spend all your silver here for more big boom"

      There is really no reason to buy the best gear in the game- its just a target on your back for a marginal increase in power, its actually sad to gang up on a guy with 8.3 and kill him with 4 people. I think the 8.3 guy SHOULD 1 shot us, it would be more fun and more of a challenge. Right now- it doesnt really MEAN anything if you killeda guy with 8.3 other than you were lucky and this guy was an idiot. Not because he was unskilled, but because he was stupid by being caught in the first place.

      Basically this- take the PVM out of CDs- put it into a uber high risk- uber high reward area of demonic harvesting. Let us gear swap in here because 1vs1 or 1vsx REQUIRES GEAR SWAPS. Like the amount of times ive lost in a CD from being on the wrong helm or chest or boots or cape, is insane. I couldve at least blamed myself had I had the helm in inventory and failed to reset and swap.
      o wait im basically just wanting mists of avalon- which youve forgone so that you can buff the mage staves to an asininely powerful level and then stomp that content.