Damage, Fame, Silver Meter

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    • Damage, Fame, Silver Meter

      I think that Damage, Fame, Silver Meter is must have thing in such a mmorpg games, why does Albion doesn't have it?
      I strongly recommend to add it to the game to make game more optimal for players who want to optimaze dmg by changing gear etc.
      Why after few years of game it's still not in game?
    • Define most.
      This thread got 2 peoples replies excluding the op and myself.
      Teams just need coordination and decent builds.
      Dps meters never cleared content, people did, and they have managed all this time.

      what dps meters will cause is, where IP is currently the benchmark, more separations:
      Weapon x is not allowed. You need at least item this, spec that.
      Look at what dps meters historically have done in other games.
      While dps meters are good to measure performance, it will create yet another benchmark players have to comply to and that inevitably will lead to increased refusals and rejections whereas nowadays IP already supplies plenty info of s players power and output.
      You don’t need more than that.
      Albion is not complex with 6 buttons.
      The sampled dps meter is from WOW, where players had several bars of abilities.
      And even there i felt that meters lead to toxicity rather than doing much good.

      Test your dps on your island.
      We dont need “you were lowest dps, youre out” or “you suck, you use x and you dont even do y dps” in group settings.
      BZ life best life.

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