Whats going on at SBI?

    • Whats going on at SBI?


      Anyone feel like SBI has dropped the ball this year?

      this has been the least content they released so far (i know august and technically still 4 months left) however compared to previous years there been basically nothing.
      - new daily activities
      - new castle/fort stuff

      thats all timers and flags and really not a massive overhaul.

      Then there is the magic weapon tree re-work they said they were doing 1 a year and last year it was all melee weapons + a whole new line.
      So far there just been updates and no new magic weapon line as they originally discussed adding 1 new for each line.

      Then even the latest patch, they never even updated the NDA balance playtest page, it just went directly from existing on the feedback forums to live. There was no new video showing off the new frost/arcane stuff nope just live.

      There been no new update on content that was missing from the update.

      They have seemly gone dark and very minimal content this year (compared to previous years).