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      PLUARUS wrote: wrote:

      ganking isn't dead - you just need way more people (10+) to gank any transport / adc mount nowadays
      average gank party size has greatly increased, due to mount buffs and increased number of targets
      speaking of, invis ganking is the only way to consistently solo gank anymore
      its become feasibly impossible to dismount a target solo

      one of the annoying parts of hunting these gank groups is because of their high mobility, its really easy for them to scatter and minimize losses
      a few ideas to punishing large gank groups: cc resist on resilience, more practical DR (immunity periods), making certain gank weapons non-stackable / chainable (eg. morning star, claws)
      of course we'd have to nerf mount durability so the smaller groups can still catch targets

      p.s. morgana nightmeres and old ravens were just stupid design to begin with - fear chaining someone while mounted?
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