Hey there! Long-time lurker here

    • Hey there! Long-time lurker here

      Hello guys!

      I'm Sajid, and I am actually not new to the game or the forums. I first started the game back in 2019 but then stopped playing shortly after. But I rejoined after the Lands Awakened update (Late 2021). And have been playing the game consistently for the past 6+ months.

      I originally joined the forums to recruit members for my guild (which focuses on small scale PVE and PVP content). But now I'm looking for more people to meet, socialize with, and maybe join for content in game. So I thought I would do an introduction of myself. I am extremely good at all types of PVE content and I'm recently getting into a lot of PVP. I would be glad to help any new or slightly experienced players learn more about the game. I believe the more players that learn how to enjoy this game, the more enjoyable it becomes for everyone else as well.

      If you would like to join me on my adventures, feel free to add me in game (CrimsonWitch213) or in Discord (Sajid213#4893)
      Leader of Ancient Wolves
      Discord: Sajid213#4893
      Guild Discord: https://cutt.ly/ANCIENTWOLVES