Gather World Bosses respawn time

    • Gather World Bosses respawn time

      Before this season, world bosses respawn from 2days to 4days.
      The time was 100% random between this time.

      Now is always spawning in 48 hours exactly.

      The old way is very better cause everyone have change to claim it.
      Now the biggest guild in region will always claim it.

      Is an very stupid change. Before small guilds could camper time and try to do that before biggest alliances see the world bosses. Now when it spawn already have an t3 blob inside it.
    • Sedocoi wrote:

      because sbi loves big alliances and safe hideouts and nice 0 risk gameplay within their 99 friends.
      is just insanne how some guilds are getting 2 mammoth pups each 2 days, lol.
      is 300m free due to this update.

      if time is balanced, they have to camper the spot until the mammoth spawn. if they don't, small guilds can catch it.
    • Quagga wrote:

      Gallact wrote:

      is just insanne how some guilds are getting 2 mammoth pups each 2 days, lol.
      it's not like that, every WB has the same chance to respawn.
      adding a timer visible to all + remove HO from WB zones. hmm

      Before I was living in florest map, and I was thiking mammoth spawn was nerfed, since he spawned 1 time per month.
      But now I'm living in desert map, and I'm thiking that probally the primary resource have more change to spawn.
      Mammoth is spawning with an very very elevate rate compared with other resources.
      Ore is rare, just like mammoth was rare in florest map. But mammoth spawn is probally 70%+ in my current map. Fiber 20% and ore 10%.

      So i think is not the same change. Or the big alliance in my region have pact with sbi to get more mammoths xD cause I see 6 mammoths spawning in 12 days. crazy