price of gold

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    • price of gold

      hey you guys (dev) should really think of a way to reduce the gold price because if you d'ont nobody will be able to get premium anymore without paying turning the game from fun to pay to win

      of course paying should be a way to get strong faster but actually the premium price for 30 days is at 10.5m

      i know it is not easy so fix such a problem but if you don't try some people will really stop the game because we need this premium to get our first islands and we want it to feel reachable
    • it's reachable the problem is probably your money making method

      I maxed out gathering on one of my resources off of tier 4 I make 500k to 800k a hour off of a tier 8 Gathering tool the rate and speed of gathering gets faster the better your skill is and the higher tier tools you use for the task as you progress you get more done faster I recommend leveling your Gathering if you can't stand the crappy dungeon Rewards and you want something simple I recommend going into the roads for a better method if you make it out alive after Gathering an hour and they're in the right Zone in there you can come out with 3 to 4 mil a hour

      the low-risk play is gathering the Blue zone for a 500K to 800k

      Gathering starts out shity but it gets better as you do it you can get to tier 6 within your first week and that's enough to make a dramatic difference if you use your learning points smartly you might be able to reach t7
    • premium is typicaly self sustainable with focus
      i dont see why is this a problem except for first timers

      but first timers get a huge benefit if i am not mistaken
      that can totaly offset the cost
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build