For those on the Albion Market Place, be wary of the Bank of Mercia being promoted there

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    • For those on the Albion Market Place, be wary of the Bank of Mercia being promoted there

      In the history of Albion Online, these so-called financials services claiming to pay you monthly payouts have never ended well. Remember the disaster that was the Bank of Albion? [Bank of Albion] Dubious Investments & Third-Party Scams & Economic Buffoonery - Forum Banter - Albion Online Forum

      Here's the most likely outcome for those who invest there -

      You will lose the majority of your investment due those players accepting silver from an RMTer.


      They will claim they got banned for accepting silver from an RMTer and walk away with 10s or even 100s of billions of silver.

      Do you want to risk your account trading with people who openly accept silver from anyone? It is dangerous.

      All these guys are going to do is take your silver and heavily invest it in skins. Even laborers double your money in 4 months. It will take over 7 months to get your investment back. Assuming you do, taking 7 months to double your silver is really bad.

      There's been talk of SBI also brining back certain older skins which will drop the current prices of those skins. The Alpaca market took a hit when the recolored skin was added from drops. Many of the newer skins are not increasing in value compared to previous skins. Several recent referral skins have dropped in price heavily due to oversupply and are actually trading at lower prices than when they first hit the market.

      They also plan on taking your silver to use for their crafting. Crafting is not in a good state right now. There is an oversupply already.

      They also make claims like - "we've been doing this for 3 years." Oh really, then show some transparency and post all the mains doing this and their current net worth? At least when you invest in real life you get a prospectus and a breakdown of your investment, who's actually managing it, a list of assets, etc, etc, etc.

      SBI should step in and stop these kinds of operations. It is a form of gambling and borderline Ponzi scheme and in the history of Albion they end up being a massive scam.