Q1 Frost - Why?

    • Q1 Frost - Why?

      Why remove Q1 completely and not just add the new ability as an option?

      I get wanting to make frost more viable with higher ping but removing the ability outright is pretty lame.

      As a new player Q1 frost builds with cast time gear was one of the few builds I enjoy playing and now it's just outright removed.

      Frost was a very simple, easy to get into build as a new player. Targetable Q ability, little skill shots or skills with multiple effects requiring multiple button smashes. Just simple, fun easy. It just feels like overcomplicated hoopla now.

      I've spent my first month trying to grind my frost staff mastery to max and since hearing about this change I've had absolutely zero motivation to play.

      Please add Q1 Frostbolt back and just add Frostbite as another Q ability option.

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